Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks



Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks


Writes that they have had letter from Dept Air asking permission to hand her Malcolm's cigarette case and snapshots. Thank her all she has done for them and mentions wool they have sent. and catches up with news.




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Two-page handwritten air letter


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Box 29
My dear Doris
As predicted, your air letter of Jan. 1st arrived today so must endeavour to answer same tho there is so little to write about. I was glad to note no letters had gone amiss after all, tho sorry indeed to see the cause of your silence I do hope your leg is quite better by now – you poor child you’ve had a bad spin!
Yesterday I had a letter from Dept Air asking my permission to hand you Malcolm’s cig case & snapshots. They admit you have permission from me, yet must write to have it verified. They make one mad. However, I lost no time in answering the letter.
I have not used the hankies yet, Doris – I know I’ll only lose them soon as I take them from the box. Anyhow I don’t need to wipe my nose to think of you!! I do honestly beleive [sic] that but for your letters we’d have gone insane – they have helped us so much, youve [sic] no idea. & we appreciate more than we can ever express to you, what you’ve done for us. Allan & Bruce are evidently [deleted] a [/deleted] coming home together – Grupts are terribly thrilled & next week Betty’s babe is expected so all their good things are coming together. Malcolm would
[page break]
be ragging the life out of Betty these days. She’s only a little thing but very nice.
Your wool should be arriving in about a fortnight I should say, Doris. The week I parcelled it up I went down to it for a week thus delaying the posting of same. Hope to be forwarding your mother a small parcel of “eats” in a day or so.
Now once again I must away.
Our love to you both.
Keep well. Fondest love.
Yours lovingly
M.L. Payne xxxxx
Sender’s name and address:-
Mrs F. Payne
Sth. Aust.
Miss D. Weeks
37 Hawthorne Rd
Bunkers Hill



M L Payne, “Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 2, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10618.

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