Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks



Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks


Thrilled to receive two letters from her. Continues with banter, love talk and of acquaintances. Gives her mess phone number and explains why he was unable to phone her. Writes that he has included her as 'other person to be notified' on next of kin form. Continues with activities.




Temporal Coverage



Seven page handwritten letter and envelope


IBCC Digital Archive


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[postage stamp]
Miss D. Weeks,
37. Hawthorne Rd.,
Bunker’s Hill,
[underlined] Lincoln [/underlined].
[page break]
[Royal Air force crest]
F/Sgt. Payne. M.H.
R.A.F. Stn.,
NR Newark
[underlined] Notts [/underlined].
[underlined] Saturday [/underlined].
Dearest Darling Angel,
At least this is a start but the big question is can I find enough news to make a letter of it. I’ll try.
Was ever so pleased and thrilled to recieve [sic] you [sic] two letters today Pet. I only hope you have had at least one of mine.
I won’t send you a quid in this darling because I’m coming in Monday night and you will have only just got this letter by then.
Do you mind sweet? Was it by any chance you who you were talking about kid when you said there
[page break]
was a very sad grass widow firewatching the other night. I’m awfully sorry her “hubby” had to leave her. I am really. Quite amusing you following that up by saying it was frightfully cold in bed these nights. I quite agree darling one and I think it’s high time something was done about it!!? xxx
By this time Pet you will have “had” Nottingham and will be back in Lincoln again. Gee but I honestly wish I was with you. It’s only 3 days since I’ve seen
[page break]
you and it seems an eternity.
I would have loved to seen the “old couple” when Skinny came out dressed prettily in her new frock and looking coyly at Dougie
Anyway – I’m glad Douglas was “Frilled pink [indecipherable word [inserted] [underlined] (mummy) [/underlined] [/inserted]”
Darling, I’m terribly sorry I was unable to ring you this morning and more disappointed than is imaginable. I know you were disappointed too Pet.
The ‘phone number in the mess while I remember it is East Stoke 200.
But I’ll be ringing you mostly so you’ll
[page break]
only have need for it on Sundays. An explanation of why I never rang this a.m. – We never finished lectures ‘till 12.45. We were still at ‘em at 5.30 tonight too. Have to have all these bloody exams over again too. Most of the work here is vastly different from that at Wigsley [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] [inserted] [underlined] Censored [/underlined] [/inserted] in that every concieveable [sic] thing (almost) is being modified which of course makes it all work differently.
Almost the end of the page four and I’m doing fine aren’t I? Have heaps more news all loaded up in my old scone yet.
[page break]
Ah! darling, before I forget – I filled in some papers of next of kin etc., when I came here and in a space marked – “other persons to be notified of Casualty (If any)” – I put – Miss Doris Weeks Lincoln etc. so that is all arranged and you need not worry about anything Pet.
I haven’t long had supper (such as it was) and the appetite for that was worked up by 3 halves of Lemonade [deleted]fl [/deleted] followed by a brisk game of billiards with the old Midge.
While in the
[page break]
mess I bumped into a French-Englishman with whom I trained at Silverstone. Boy oh boy! But has he been in any strife. He’s spent time in the cooler, been sent on discip courses and God knows what. He went to 3 different Con units and has had about 6 crews.
I heard months ago that his first Skipper had gone for a burton and I thought old Red had gone too. Small world after all.
I had some more mail from home today
[page break]
xxxxxxx [circled X]
One was from my “Sister” Doris who by the way is not yet my sister. One I recieved [sic] from Rosemary, and her Mother combined.
Remember her? I hadn’t written to them since the end of last year. Disgraceful I’d call it.
Did my good deed once more today and wrote mother another letter.
Sweet, I think I’ve actually run out of news so will have to say –
Night night.
All my very fondest love always my darling.
Yours Malcolm
[circled x]
X ?



Malcolm Payne, “Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 26, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10595.

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