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An airman wearing flying helmet and goggles in the cockpit of a biplane with blind flying hood folded down. On the reverse 'John Turner, Penny and Carols dad'.

Head and shoulders portrait of a pilot wearing tunic with brevet.

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View of collection of documents including log book and passport along with 9 Squadron Badge and photographs of John Turner and a Wellington airbourne.

Cloth pilots brevet with kings crown

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Headed Mr Crosskey, states Albion John Turner Flight Sergeant Pilot (regular) from Scampton in Wellington killed on Sept 3 1939 over Kiel Harbour, no 561939, Sage, plot 4, Row E, No 3, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg.

A group of seven airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster, JI-N, PB142. One man is sitting on the mid-upper turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.

From the left the crew is: wireless operator / air gunner Sergeant Denis Carlos Bradbury 198880 (1811449), mid…

Seven airmen in two rows at the rear of a Lancaster, JI-N'. Four are identified with annotations - 'Len Thatcher, Hank Snow, Denis Bradbury, Woody Freamo'.

Seven airmen in flying gear at the rear of a Lancaster

Wedding of Bruce Wilson and Margaret - he trained with Ralph White who is far left.

Photograph shows groom in uniform, two other airmen, bride with long white dress, veil and bouquet and holding horseshoe charm on a ribbon; two bridesmaids in…

Head and shoulders portrait of Ralph White in uniform. On the cove is 'Wakefields Ltd Chiswick'.

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Ralph White and Alan Hopkins standing in full uniform in front of a wooden fence. They were called up from Reserve for a short time in 1953.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

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The front of a Halifax with group of eight airmen - Ralph White far right. The nose art has a kangaroo, a bomb with Reich 1000lbs, Matthews & Co Express Delivery Service , 55 small kangaroos indicating 55 operations and a small swastika.

Issued to Ralph White. It gives his scores on ground exams and flying tests and an assessment of his flying abilities

Five Group Newsletter, number 26, September 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about operations, gardening, war effort, tactics, signals, air bombing, navigation, radar navigation, engineering, air sea rescue,…

Pilots flying log book for A J Turner, covering the period from 18 February 1935 to 31st August 1939. Detailing his flying training and pre-war flying duties with 216 Squadron and 9 Squadron. He was stationed in Egypt and at RAF Aldergrove, RAF…

Fifty one personnel of differing ranks , some in the rear are RAF trainees wearing tunic and white flash side caps, other may be staff or from other air forces. Personnel in front are sitting and those behind standing. In the background an imposing…

Five Group Newsletter, number 25, August 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about sports, engineering , war effort, gunnery, training, equipment, photography, gardening, war savings, second thoughts for pilots,…

Five Group Newsletter, number 24, July 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about second thoughts for pilots, gardening, war effort, signals, armament, war savings, navigation, radar navigation, navigation training,…

Describes his flying with his instructor and then final test with C.F.I. where he went to pieces. Now recommended for training as observer and awaiting posting. States he is interested in job and does not mind. He writes he is upset that mother will…

Writes he is not going with grading course but staying at Theale for Elementary Flying Training School. Mentions he had a test with C.F.I. Writes he will now have to get down to work and there will be no leave. Writes of incident where student left…

Describes journey back to Theale and snowy weather. Still unclear about his future. Says he enjoyed his visit home.

Writes that he still does not know what is happening to him and the weather had been poor for flying and that he had a terrible trip with the Commanding Officer. Continues with talk of local people and daily activities as well as complaining about…

Writes of upcoming test with CFI and mentions his current flying activities with concentration on landings. Continues with mention of ground examinations and once those are over - he might get to come home. Concluded catching up with family and…

Describes how flying training, although fun, is becoming harder. He seems to be struggling with navigation and landings. He remains happy but accepts he may not have the aptitude to pass this phase of pilot training. Writes of test with chief flying…

Describes current courses and activities including the start of flying training and first flight as passenger. Describes routine and presence of Turkish students. Writes in detail of trip in Tiger Moth and that he does not want to go to heavies.…
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