Lancasters and Wellington



Lancasters and Wellington


Four photographs from an album.
#1. Starboard view of Lancaster AS-U standing at dispersal. The bomb doors are open and protective covers fitted over the rear and mid-upper turrets. The rear door is open and the ladder in place and the H2S dome can be seen below the rear fuselage.
#2. Six aircrew standing in front of a Wellington, all wearing flying gear and Mae Wests. Robert Wilfred Hawkes is second from the left.
#3. A view of two Lancasters at dispersal, taken from the cockpit of a third. In the foreground there are some maintenance stands while further away is a wind sock, some dispersal buildings and a tent.
#4. A formal photograph of around 200 personnel arranged in six rows, in front of a Lancaster.

Spatial Coverage



Four b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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