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Daphne Brownlee joined the Royal Air Force and joined a Bomber Command Operational Training Unit at Kinloss, and worked in Flying Control.
She tells of the hours she and her colleagues worked and also what life was like on the base, including her…

Large crowd of men in various uniform looking at other servicemen who are standing on some object (possibly a jeep) that put them above the crowd. In the background a house and trees.

Two individuals seated on each end of a bench at a rectangular table, placed on paved/brick flooring. Individual seated at near end of the bench appears to be preparing food, the other individual appears to be rolling foodstuff, a knife is visible…

Group of people with men in military uniform. Group of five in front includes one woman with jacket and scarf. The man on the right is wearing fur hat and has an accordion. On the right part of a truck and on the left above crowd in the roof of…

A tented area between woodland in background and 3 rows of fencing in foreground. There are many personnel behind the fencing as well as telegraph poles along line of fence.

A set of triple wooden bunk beds. On the middle level various items including boxes and cans are arranged on top of the bedding, the bottom level appears to be in use for storage with a partially open chest and crockery visible. A large bowl rests on…

On the left two shirtless men with hands up stand with backs to a wall. Alongside right is a German soldier. On the far right two German soldiers with rifles are facing the group on the left.

Interior of a large wooden framed room, the room appears to be decorated as a chapel, two sets of candle sticks, each with 3 tall candles stand in front of a set of steps into a raised area which appears to have a decorated wall behind it, three…


Three men squat round a cooker with mess tin on top while another man stands on the right watching. In the background other groups of men and on the right a row of tents.

In the centre a football field with players surrounded by large crowd of spectators on all sides. In the background huts.

In the foreground tall barbed wire fence behind which are men walking in line round a patch of ground. In the background huts.

Four men carry a large cauldron on a pole. To the right a tall fence with clothing hung on it. On the left huts and other men.

Wooden cross in graveyard with other crosses and trees in the background. On the cross 'S Englische - Flieger Namen Unbekannt'.
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