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Bride and groom in front of church entrance, groom in suit, bride in wedding dress. Two other women are visible inside the church.

Six aircrew in front of Wellington D, parked in front of a building with chocs on wheels. Nose art of Donald Duck pointing at ducklings visible on aircraft. Four aircrew are wearing peaked caps and two side caps.

Two head and shoulders portraits of aircrew: a trainee on the left, an airman with a signaller brevet on the right.

Appointment by the Secretary of state for air of Peter Woodard to the rank of warrant officer.


Brief account of H R Woodard's operations with 104 Squadron from the first on 13 September 1944 until the last on 4 February 1945. Includes reference to misspelling of his surname and names of his regular aircrew. Final operation with LP 549 was to…
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