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Written in RAF pilot's flying log book by Sergeant, pilot Rosser, Lewis Victor, RAFVR - diary of night bombing operations. Gives date, aircraft, crew, target and description of each operation. Also included are extracts from the Bomber Command war…

Head and shoulders portrait of a pilot wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and medal ribbons (including DFC).

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Showing codes/signs for meteorological data on weather charts.


Details of data for routes Spalding to Broxbourne to Norwich area: giving tracks, distances, courses, groundspeed and times.

Includes route forecast, turning points, courses, speeds and estimated times of arrivals.

Instructions for using D R compass before flight, in flight, after flight and supplementary notes. Handwritten notes in right margin with drills.

Made out to Rosser and gives details of machine number, times, exercise number, dual or solo.

Lists food enclose in parcel sent to Mr and Mrs L V Rosser.
The parcel contained soap and dripping, and tins of cheese, jam, and steak.

Royal Air Force volunteer reserve, elementary exam in airmanship with five questions.

Explains that confidential reports would be submitted when called for on form 1369. Describes onward transmission, necessity of confidentiality, what form 1369 could not be used for and gives outline of form.

Made out to Rosser and gives details of machine number, times, exercise number, dual or solo.

Notes from A.P. 1234 chapter 17. Notes on atmospheric gases, water vapour, pressure, temperature and lapse rates.


Technical description of system equipment and use of B.A.B.S. followed by descriptions of airfield approach Rebecca-Eureka, Gee let-down. standard beam approach with details of beams, concludes with procedures.

Detailed description of ground controlled approach (GCA) systems, equipment, procedures, and description of airfield control radar.


Includes notes on: cross country procedure, navigation examples (calculations), aircraft flying instruments, pressure heads, air speed indicators, altimeters, turn and bank indicator, compasses, met, charts, calculations, artificial horizon and other…

Includes note on: air raid and other ground signals, notes on airmanship (aircraft and emergency handling), rules of the air, theory of flight notes, night flying and lights, forced landing procedure and formation flying,

Includes notes on: maintenance organisation, form 700, maintenance orders, flight testing of aircraft and rigging.


Includes notes on; RAF signals, equipment and organisation, purpose and function, facilities, R/T and W/T, uses, lists of stations and other notes.

Notes on pyrotechnics, bombing ballistics, bomb aiming, bombs, armament (guns), bombing errors,

Notes on navigation with examples of various routes with details. notes and definitions. Contains doodles.

Includes, notes about Wellington, aircraft radio frequencies and operation, meteorology, flying control, fuel and oil systems, more met, signals, other aircraft systems, gee, aircraft operating data tables and other general notes.

Notes on Lancaster including compass, engines, fuel system, airmanship, hydraulics, pneumatic system, engine handling, icing, automatic pilot, hydraulic propellers and general notes.

Includes; precautions before and after entering aircraft, left to right check over cockpit, starting up, action in the event of fire on start up, running up, taxying out, vital actions before take-off, take-off/circuit and landing, stopping engines,…

Includes: tables of fighters, multi-engine bombers, as well as national aircraft markings, drawings of aircraft, meteorology notes. Continues with notes on preparation/completion and disposal of form 2330 by RAF for flights in Great Britain and…

Covers principles of war, types of aircraft, navigation, armament, map symbols, points to be observed before/after/during flight, navigation diagrams and calculations, compasses, airmanship, RAF signals square, administration, armament, rigging,…
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