Notes for completion of officer's confidential report



Notes for completion of officer's confidential report


Explains that confidential reports would be submitted when called for on form 1369. Describes onward transmission, necessity of confidentiality, what form 1369 could not be used for and gives outline of form.




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[underlined] CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS – OFFICERS. [/underlined]

[missing number and word] 1097 – 1097A as and from 4.7.40 replaced by:-

2. [underlined] Rendered on Form 1369 [/underlined] on 1st October 1940 and thereafter
(i) When called for by Air Ministry.
(ii) When an Officer is called away from his Unit (subject to the report covering a period of not less than 3 months).
Not required on the conclusion of an initial course of instruction.

3. Reported on in "temp" or "substantive" rank whichever is the higher – "acting" rank shown in space provided.

4. Transmitted to Group or Command for transmission to Air Ministry.

5. A.O.C. will remark on members of his Staff, Senior Commanders or Commanders of Units admin: by Air Ministry and may also remark on any other Officer under his Command. Reports on Station Commanders and Senior Officers holding Staffs appointments will, when from Groups forming part of a Command, be rendered by the Group Commander and will be referred for remarks to the A.O.C. in Chief before transmission to the Air Ministry.

6. Reports – strictly confidential, – privileged. Copies will NOT in any circumstances be retained in Unit or Headquarter Offices.

7. Due consideration will be given by the Air Council to reports whether favourable or adverse – or partly so – in considering an Officer's fitness for his present posting, for other employment or for promotion.

8. Form 1369 not used for reports on Officers
(i) Unsuitable for Posting.
(ii) Or adverse comment upon Officer attending course of Instruction.

9. Medical reports not incorporated.

10. [underlined] Composition of Form 1369 [/underlined] – In three groups – a questionaire [sic]
A. Details of Officer.
B. C.O's opinion.
C. Remarks.

11. Adverse comment – if contained, report must be initialled by Officer concerned prior to leaving Unit – but not otherwise. Exception on Medical grounds, when authority for withholding must be obtained by C.O. from Group Commander who may consult higher authority.


“Notes for completion of officer's confidential report,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 26, 2024,

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