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Group of men wearing jackets and ties (one wearing medals) watch a man being presented with 'Bomber Command' book. Annotated in pencil: 'Birmingham, 29/9/79'

A Lancaster (PA474 operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial flight) with squadron letters KM (44 Squadron) leads a Hurricane on nearside and three spitfires (one in photo reconnaissance camouflage) on far side. Below are town buildings and open…

Side view of Lancaster DS689 on ground facing left. Cartoon nose art with five bomb symbols underneath. Aircraft letter S. Man visible in cockpit and legs of a man standing far side by ladder are visible.

Air to ground view of Scott Field with runways left to right and running middle right to top. Buildings bottom left and left side.


Seven aircrew wearing flying suits standing in front of a Lancaster (with light paint scheme). Arthur Pearce is second from the left.

Three quarter length portrait of two airmen in khaki uniform eating sandwiches. Arthur Pearce is on the left wearing air gunners brevet, medals ribbons and pathfinder badge. He has warrant officer rank badge on wrist band. In the background a table…

Four men wearing suits and one wearing jacket and tie. The man in the centre wears a bowler hat. All are wearing medals. They are standing on a street corner with trees and buildings in the background.

Line of spectators including airmen, officers and women standing by a runway watching a formation of Lancasters (in light paint scheme) take off. Some are waving.

Top left two Lancasters in light paint scheme flying to the right. Below London with St Paul's Cathedral dome and river Thames beyond.

Head on view of a Lancaster in light paint scheme parked on airfield. In the background the tops of two hangars.


A group of people with airmen, civilians and women standing on grass by a runway. Some are waving. Taken from aircraft on runway. In the background trees.

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Air to ground view of central London including Trafalgar Square on the bottom right with Whitehall running up to top left.

Four airmen all wearing battledress, two with side caps. The three on the right have visible half brevet and the one on the left sergeant stripes. Two have pathfinder badges. Arthur Pearce is on the right with hands in pockets. In the background tall…

Two airmen sitting on boxes against a wall both wearing khaki uniform with half brevet and side caps. Arthur Pearce on the left, holding two pineapples and man on the right has a bunch of bananas on his knees.


Side view of Lancaster TL-D in light paint scheme pointing left parked on airfield.

In the foreground a floating pier on the Thames. In the background the Festival of Britain showground with the Skylon and the Dome of Discovery.

Air to ground view a Pentire cliffs and bays (over-exposed)

Woman wearing skirt and blouse holding up her left hand standing on a river bank with water behind. On the far side boats cranes and buildings.

Two prints of same photograph of a line of Lancasters in light paint scheme parked from left to right on airfield with grass in foreground.

On the left facing a C-47. In the centre a B-25 facing away. On the right a Lancaster facing left front. All parked on edge of hard-standing. (Photograph over-exposed)

Air-to-air view of two Lancasters, TL-G and TL-P in light paint scheme over Chelsea. At the top, the Thames with bridges and Battersea.

An airman in shirt sleeves and tie standing in front of a log cabin with chimney on the right and door on the left behind trees. In the background, other airmen are seated.

In the foreground a young girl wearing skirt and dark jacket. Behind a Meteor surrounded by rope barrier. In the background left cars, trees and people.


Air to ground view of roads in fields along the top and buildings bottom left.

Airman wearing khaki uniform sitting on grass eating something held in both hands. He has a half brevet on his shirt. In the background trees.


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