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Royal Air Forces Association magazine for October 1948.
Image #1: Front cover with a drawing of a couple seated together purportedly reminiscing about the Battle of Britain. Behind them an image a WAAF and pilot from that time. Date and price of the…

Describes log books. Mentions August 1943 accident leading to no entries for September 1943. Gained commission in RAF in 1948. Mentions flying first jet in November 1948 and two incidents while flying and that he had shortened his name from…

Mentions that he has six log books to cover his flying career. Gives a brief outline of career starting in Poland and then in United Kingdom starting in 1940. After training he became an instructor until volunteering for operations and posting to 300…

A typewritten letter to Mrs Hattersley enclosing his log book.

Left page.

Top - two sequential images of Joy Dawson and a girl sitting on a rockery in a garden. Joy Dawson has a cat on her lap. In the left image the girl is reaching for the cat. Captioned 'curiosity nearly killed the cat'.

Bottom left - a…


From the General Secretary stating that he had received further information from Air Officer Commanding Records that James Bank's re-enlistment had been turned down on medical ground and that no purpose would be served by further medical board.
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