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The sender of the letter met Les Pickford in a prisoner of war camp in Italy. Every 13th October Les and another internee, Don meet but this year Don has sailed to Burma. George is anxious to meet Les on the date of the reunion and asks for his…

Full length image of a man wearing swimming trunks standing in shallow water on a beach. On the reverse 'September 1948'.

A man in civilian clothes standing on a platform in front of stairs leading to a signal box. Sign on side of building 'Perranwell Signal Box'. On the reverse 'The hive of industry, Perranwell Stn Srpt 48, I admit its a trifle unusual but I go no…

Photo 1 is a postcard of the outside of the cathedral, captioned 'West Front'.
Photo 2 is a postcard of the inside, captioned 'Nave East'.
Photo 3 is a postcard captioned 'Steps to Chapter House'.
Photo 4 is a postcard captioned…

Photo 1 is captioned 'Dining Room'.
Photo 2 and 3 are captioned 'Chapel'.
Photo 4 is captioned 'Long Gallery'.
Photo 5 is captioned 'Drawing Room'.
Photo 6 is captioned 'Old Kitchen'.
Photo 7 is captioned 'North West Tower in Lower…

Photo 1 is the Pavilion Gardens and Waterfall, Buxton.
Photo 2 is the moors, near the Cat and Fiddle. In the foreground is a rock with a road winding up a hill.

Henry Townsley was born near Workington and left school at fourteen years of age and started work as an apprentice vehicle fitter. After a spell as a junior engineer in the Merchant Navy he volunteered, in April 1940, for the RAF, rather than the…

Album page with eight photographs. Top right - three graveyard crosses, the centre one for T Sgt F J Hobbs with large memorial and brick wall in background. In the foreground low stones and annotated 'part of aircraft propeller, 1949'. On the reverse…
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