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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-04-02"

An oblique aerial photograph of a wharf located slightly east of the British Colonial Hotel.
It is annotated 'C21 P/O Warman C4 2.4.44'.

A cutting from a newspaper with Reg and John Bushell's names recorded as prisoner of war. Handwritten on it is Evening Standard 12.4.44.

Letter number sixteen. First letter from him as Pilot Officer J D Hudson and has moved into officers mess. Writes of celebrating with the boys previous night. Mentions daily routine in officers mess and describes new billet. Says the food was much…

Number 156-13. Writes it has been month since her last letter arrived. Mentions weather and violin. Still getting Red Cross food and despite cut in potatoes and increased number in camp, they are still alright.

A letter written by David Geach's Wing Commander to David's father in reply to a request for his belongings. Also included are the front and reverse of a telegram envelope.
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