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A studio photograph of four men and three women grouped around the married couple. Kenneth is in uniform with sergeant rank and his air gunner's brevet. Mabel is wearing a dark suit and holding a bouquet. The couple had been going out since 1939 and…

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Married in the parish church in Old Brumby.

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Informs her they have forwarded letter to her son and gives his address at Dulag Luft.

Reports arrival of seven letters from him; latest from 21 November all from Laghouat. Notes a gap from 17 September to 22 October with no letters. Joy to know he is in good conditions in new camp and allowed out into town. Mentions book they got from…

Poster for the Chislehurts and Sicup No 1227 Air Training Corps Squadron rally at the Odeon cinema in Sidcup on 25 January 1942

Peter Lamprey writes that mail had arrived but unfortunately no cigarettes for the Nary, Army and Air Force Institute. He continues with some banter and comments about life at Tiree. He mentions that a trawler went on the rocks and Royal Air Force…
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