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Titled 'No 11 Course A Squad observers commencing 3.12.40'. Five airmen, four wearing tunics with half brevet and one a greatcoat, all wearing side caps sitting in a row. Names left to right 'Sgts Beckett S N, Bryer R, McMaster W F, McAlonan O,…

Titled 'No 11 course A Squad W.O/AGS commencing 3-11-40'. Ten airmen wearing tunics with half brevet and side caps sitting and standing in two rows. Names back row left to right 'Sgts Creedy D, Napier J K, Wright K, Banham D W, Flavell D'. Front row…

Top left - a card with 'Perkins E M, Sgt 748102' captioned 'This card was one of three that were stuck on the door of a room in Magdalene College Cambridge. Jonny Phillips, Ted Perkins and I shared the room. The card is Jonny Phillip's handiwork.…
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