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A lone baboon sitting on grass in an open area. On the reverse 'Baboon, Victoria Falls hotel 1942'.


John standing far right under a baobab tree with fellow airman Harry standing far right together with three women and a man in civilian clothes. The trunk of the tree has graffiti and carvings on it. On the reverse 'This is a cream of tartar tree…


John, second left and Harry, second right linked with four women standing in front of a baobab tree. The tree has multiple trunks which has graffiti etched onto it.


John, standing far right, with a camera case slung over his arm and Harry, far left with his arms crossed. They are with three women and another man. John and harry are in shorts and shirts with rolled up sleeves and the other man is wearing…


In the foreground a road. Behind are three single story corrugated iron barrack blocks amongst scattered trees. On the reverse 'RAF Mount Hampden, S Rhodesia, 1941

A man wearing shorts, tunic and topee, standing with swimming pool, people and trees in the background.


An airman wearing shorts, tunic and topee standing with towel in hand. In the background left a man in RAF uniform walking with a woman in a dress. Behind them on the left is a swimming pool with diving board, trees and people. On the reverse of one…

Tall clock tower with large buildings in the background, open space around it, captioned 'Boggie Clock Gwelo'.

Shows three storey modern building with open space in front, captioned 'Boys School Gwelo'.

Bulawayo city hall with square clock tower and columns. In the foreground tress and a memorial

A two storey colonnaded building with a double height square clock tower with roman numerals showing the time as 4:38. The area in front of the building is open with trees surrounding.

View of Abercorn street, Bulawayo (now renamed Jason Moyo Street) with shops either side. On the left a colonnade walkway. On the right are single and two storey shops, some with colonnades. In the centre of the row T Forbes and Son Jeweller. Two…

A street scene with the hotel in the centre of a row of other two storey buildings. Cars, vans and other vehicles are parked along the road and there are designated parking spaces in the middle of the road. A number of vans have "Jerrys" printed on…

Single storey building with colonnade across front, with car park and road, captioned 'Cecil Hotel Gwelo'.

Rocks surrounding a flat stone with metal plaque. On the reverse 'Have you seen this picture before "Rhodes Grave, Worlds View Matopos'" all solid rock too, taken by me'.

A four wheeled gun carriage underneath a pitched grass roofed open sided structure with trees alongside. On the reverse 'The gun carriage what Rhodes was carried to his grave on. Now in grounds of Governor's house'.

Rhodesian air training group. Made out for Flight Lieutenant Donald Arthur Baker who entered service on 12 July 1940 and left 18 September 1945

Tiger Moth registration 'CR-AAG' parked on an airfield. On the reverse 'Self built Tiger out of scrap, sold to Portuguese Club de Beira for £700 - money went towards a swimming pool on the camp, (Silver and Red), 1942, RAF Mount Hampden, S Rhodesia,…


Clifford Watson in shorts and flying helmet with his arm draped over the propeller of a Tiger Moth. Annotated on the reverse '(Bad Composition) With a Tiger Moth at Hillside, Bulawayo. Dec 1941 C Watson [signed]'

Three photographs of Cornell aircraft, first showing short row of aircraft captioned 'A Flt tarmac Guinea Fowl'.
Second showing five in flight, left wing of another in foreground captioned 'Formation down to Bulawayo from Guinea Fowl'.

Two women wearing swimming costumes and two men in trunks by a swimming pool. The pool has a high wall to one side with arched entrances to a curtained area. The other sides are open onto trees. John is standing second right. On the reverse 'The 2…


Names and next of kin of crew. Flight Sergeant Ronald Johnson - WOP/Air Gunner, Flight Sergeant William Jack - air gunner, Flight Sergeant Joseph Sagar - air gunner, F/O John Berrington - pilot (Rhodesian), Acting F/L Laurence Flynn - pilot…

Three uniformed men in pith helmets. On the reverse 'Three of my party crossing one of the many streams that flowed in between the hills'.

Pilot’s flying log book for D A Robinson, covering the period from 23 November 1942 to 21 May 1948. Covering his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. It states in his log book that his previous one was lost due to enemy action…

A group of four men and four women standing in front of a statue of David Livingstone. John is fourth left and Harry, holding a pipe in his mouth, is third right. One of the women is holding a straw sun hat in her hands and another is holding a…
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