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Writes about his activities on leave in Katanning, Western Australia. Mentions going to Perth and that it was a month since he had finished his course but still no posting. Writes of his activities on base. He asks after friends and catches up with…


For Pat Hogan in Royal Australian Air Force from 15 January 1943 to 23 February 1946.

Patrick Hogan's discharge from Army Service Corps 6th Brigade in consequence of being required for service with the Royal Australian Air Force.

Contains personal details and certificate of medical examination

P J Hogan filled out questions to be put to recruit before enlistment - personal details with attestation and declaration signatures.

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View down shopping arcade. Two servicemen wearing khaki uniform, one in shorts the other long trousers half way down amongst other shoppers. Captioned 'London Arcade - Perth'.

Two men wearing khaki uniform and peaked caps standing side by side. Both have pilot's brevet and Lachie McBean is on the right wearing long trousers. Captioned 'Kep & Self - Perth'.

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