Letter from Pat Hogan to his father



Letter from Pat Hogan to his father


Writes about his activities on leave in Katanning, Western Australia. Mentions going to Perth and that it was a month since he had finished his course but still no posting. Writes of his activities on base. He asks after friends and catches up with news as well as mentioning events in the trotting world and other sports news.




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Dear Dad,
I'll suppose you'll reckon its about time I wrote but I think you understand I was expecting a new address and consequently was holding off.

To start with I had a wonderful time in my sojourn at Katanning. Mr and Mrs Rae were both great scouts and were continually popping something fresh on us in the way of entertaining us. They have a large sheep station and, of course, we found plenty to do round about. The other two chaps were Sydney-siders, Doug Johnston & Ken Foreman.

We had plenty of riding, shooting, rabbiting and the Lord only knows what. One day we stuffed the carbi on the car and remedied its defects – temporary at least for it was still running alright when we left. I spent one day crutching sheep and nearly broke my back. Moreover we played a bit of golf in the paddocks.

For the week end to make up a party Mrs Rae brought out a few of the local girls. I think Mrs Rae enjoyed our stay almost as much as we did for

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normally she's there in that big house by herself all day whilst the old man and his manager are out on their several tasks. As it was we used to order her out of the kitchen after every meal whilst we washed and cleaned up everything we could lay our hands on.

Her son, Gordon, a little more advanced with his training than we was home for the first few days of our stay. He was half expecting to go East to finish, although personally I don't think he would. In any case I took the liberty of inviting him up home, if he ever got stuck for somewhere to go. If, at any time, he did arrive I'd like you to show him round and give him a good time for his wonderful mother was marvellous to us. Jack Hogan could probably show him a thing or two. In any case, as I said before, it is most unlikely you'll see anything of him.

Since then I've been into Perth again twice and still manage to have a good time there so I suppose I shouldn't moan. I was most disappointed this week-end when the postings were announced and I was not amongst them. It is now running into months since I finished my course here and if I potter about much longer I'm afraid I'll have forgotten [deleted] my [/deleted] all I've learnt.

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Our’s is a miserable existence for there is very little for us to do and we do even less. However they are perpetually on our tail and pity help any one who’s caught bludging. I’ve only been up once to date, D.G., and circumstances were such that I was able to use the gift of the gab and a little diplomacy and soon cleared myself & companions, although I suppose we were as guilty as most of those punished. Naturally having little to do, we have all day to do it in. I hope I didn’t say anything rash in the telegram I sent for I forget what I said. I know I was feeling a bit fed up when I sent it. There is no doubt about it, one does lose all enthusiasm, but I hope it is only temporary.

At the moment I’m doing guard duty, it is now just on 2 a.m. and quite cool out here on the river flats. Johno, who’s on with me seems to have the same idea as he is also punishing the pen.
What is the latest from Dan? Any more word re the AAF 22? I take it Doreen is still teaching at the Gully! I had another note from Eileen during the week. Vin Sier is quite taken up with the life here as I was at his stage. He was a friend of ours in Ken. He went to Assumption & later worked and knocked about with Ben Gallagher. Fisher and I used to knock about with them a lot.

I had another letter from Fisher recently. He likes the life in New Guinea or at least he doesn’t mind it & so far has not been hit by any of the eggs or shrapnel thereof. He wished to be remembered to you all.

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I’m glad to hear Kev is just about right again. That’ll learn him! By the way you can now call me L.A.C. What is more important however is that I’m getting 4/- per day [inserted] raise [/inserted] and have several weeks back pay to collect next pay. For the present I’ll not make a further allotment but will bank the extra myself.

The big event of the trotting world over here, the Winter Cup, is to be held next Saturday and I hope to be able to go. At present I fancy two of the back markers Kobach & Black Bertha. The papers seem to think they are handicapped out of it but the former has treated me alright to date & I think I’ll be going for him. I’ve seen all the finalists for 6 of 7 races last week were heats of the Winter Cup there being 100 odd acceptors. I haven’t seen the fields but if you think anything worth it have an investment or two for me on the Nationals.

I notice Essendon are again well up in the football world and also that young Kevin Dyman is doing particularly well in the centre for North. You might tell that to Dan for I’m sure he’d been interested to know that, according to the papers, Kevin has trounced centremen all and sundry up to date. Ted apparently hasn’t played with the firsts yet this season.

Well, Dad, I’m afraid that is the issue. I hope you have thrown off your cold. How is Jim keeping? I suppose he’ll be well on the spot for Pat Colin’s ordination. Next month, no doubt?

I haven’t any further news I think (double dutch) so I’ll wind up for the present, Dad.
Love to all the family, Pat.




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