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Text and numerous b/w photographs (some of which are also located in sub-collection albums) covering from immediately before and during World War II - (1939-1946). First page has colour photographs and description of prisoner of war medal. Continues…

Top - art deco building with glass and semi-circular tower above doorway in front, Three story building with balconies to left. Captioned 'Casino, Bath [sic] Galim'.
Bottom - view down city street with bus and car, city buildings with store fronts…

Top - view down city street with buses on left and buildings either side. Captioned 'Herzl Street'.
Bottom - view across open ground with house in the foreground and town in the distance. Captioned 'Bath Galim [Bat Galim].

Top - In the foreground a large three story building with dome in centre section and arched windows. In the foreground trees and in the background city dwellings. Captioned 'Technicum'.
Bottom - view over the top of town houses with trees in the…

Top - view down city street with bus and cars and tall buildings either side. Captioned Herzl Street'.
Bottom - view down road with bus coming up hill with city and sea in the distance. Captioned 'Road to Mount Carmel'.

Top - view across city with bay with ships in distance and hills on far side. captioned 'The Bay and Harbour'.
Bottom - view down a wide city street with cars, busses and pedestrians. Tall buildings either side. captioned 'Kingsway'.

Pilots flying log book for P I Harris, covering the period from 12 January 1932 to 29 September 1937. Detailing his flying training and pre war flying duties with 35, 6 and 47 squadrons. He was stationed at RAF Digby, RAF Bircham Newton, RAF Ramleh,…

Two panoramas over Bath Galim district of Haifa.

A wide street with a bus, a lorry and many cars.

A view looking down on a street. There is a bus and a few cars.

A street view of a car on the road. Behind is the city of Haifa and the crescent shaped bay.,

The Old Technion building, a College.

The gardens in the foreground are now known as Bahia Gardens. There is a large Menorah on top of a tower.

A street scene with a bus and a few cars and only a few pedestrians.

A street scene with a bus and a few cars.

A view from a low hill looking over fields to houses and the coast.

A view over the bay at Haifa, framed by arches. A ship is in the bay.

Officer's club in Haifa

A list of twelve photographs of Haifa

The cover of an album of Haifa photographs

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Top left - two airmen on a street. Behind is a café, a large house, shade tree and electric pylon. Captioned ‘”Jock & Pat” in Nazareth’. Top right - a street scene. In the foreground an Arab on a donkey, in the centre is a large building…

Top left - a building lined street with a bus, several cars, a motorcyclist and a few pedestrians. New trees have been planted with protection. Captioned ‘Herzl Street’. Top left - a building lined street with cars a bus and pedestrians.…

Top right - a bus on a road. In the background are houses and rolling hills. Captioned ‘Road to Mount Carmel’. Top right - view from a hill looking down over a town framed by two pine trees. Beyond the town is a bay with a jetty and several…

Top left - view of a harbour with ships and buildings in the background. Captioned 'Famagusta Harbour Cyprus'. Top right two ships in the middle distance taken from a ship. In the foreground a group of men and a hawser. Captioned 'Ships in Haifa…
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