Nazareth and Haifa



Nazareth and Haifa


Top left - two airmen on a street. Behind is a café, a large house, shade tree and electric pylon. Captioned ‘”Jock & Pat” in Nazareth’. Top right - a street scene. In the foreground an Arab on a donkey, in the centre is a large building with NAAFI on a hoarding. Telephone poles and wires follow the street. Captioned ‘NAAFI Nazareth’. Bottom left - view from a hill looking down on a town. There are warehouses and flats in the foreground, the harbour is in the distance with a ship moored. Captioned ‘Haifa harbour from Mt. Carmel’. Bottom right - a view from a hill with fields in the foreground surrounded by buildings. In the distance a bay with several moored ships, In the background are low hills. Captioned ‘View of Haifa bay from Mt. Carmel’.



Four b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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