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A letter from Albert to his sister and brother in law. He says he has not much free time to write and he is back on operations after a spell in hospital. The second part of his letter was written after an operation to Stuttgart. He describes coming…

The letter to his sister and brother in law thanks them for their letter. he says he enjoys their short outings together. He has been over Berlin. He has been in hospital with a suspected skin disease.

In the letter to his sister and brother in law Albert he thanks them for their letter. He talks about getting married but his service is getting in the way.


The letter advises that the photographs of Albert's grave have not been received. His medals are being dealt with. His widow's remarriage has been noted.

The letter acknowledges that Albert's widow has renounced her next of kinship.

The letter advises that Albert has been reinterred at a British Military Cemetery at Cleve.

The letter advises that his logbook cannot be sent to her but if his widow agrees then it can be forwarded.

The letter advises Albert's mother about visiting his grave and enclosing a leaflet with details.

The letter advises that Albert is 'Missing, killed in action'.

A copy of Albert's marriage certificate.

An envelope addressed to Mrs M Edwards with 'Good news from Blackpool' on the outside.

A colourised portrait of Albert and his wife on their wedding day.

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