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Writes his job as postman and that sometimes sees what other have written on post cards. States that Douglas always has a smile and does not worry about anything, Reports all are well and looking forward to freedom.

In the foreground two people, one carrying a bucket the other a sack. They are surrounded by tall palm trees. To the right a wall and in the background buildings. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and explaining an event related to…

On the right a mosque with minaret. In the centre town buildings on the left trees. In the background mountains. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and stating that this was the view from the top of a minaret.

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson writing that he is delighted to have received cross parcel and about…

Walled town in a valley, In the background a forest and other buildings. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and writes that he is fit and well and he has written another letter with more news.

Lists for Distinguished Flying Cross and Medal. Includes Pilot Officer James Douglas Hudson, Nelson, Lancashire.

Gives account of Distinguished Flying Cross to Flight Lieutenant Leslie Roberts of Brierfield and Pilot Officer James Douglas Hudson.

Account of release of two Burnely men (Ordinay Seaman G Taylor and Marine C Latham) amongst French North Africa nternees freed by American Forces. Both had been aboard HMS Manchester which was torpedoed in Mediterranean on August 13th. Tells of…

Sergeant observer J Douglas Hudson resting at home after being released from spending two years in French North African internment camps. Freed after British and American troop landings in November. Tells of force landing in Tunisia, internment in Le…

Account of Douglas Hudson's safe arrival home after two years internment in French North Africa. Notes squalid conditions in camps and two escape attempts.

Postcard from Douglas Hudson from a man in Tunis after he had been freed from internment. He ask for news and sends New Year wishes for 1945.

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Acknowledges of cable and letter. Awaiting confirmation of Laghouat in a week.

Acknowledges arrival of several items of mail both ways. Map of world on reverse.

Short note to let them know he is well and hopes they have received his letters.

Writes that he is trying to send mail via the Red Cross in Geneva and via Tangiers and suggests they reply through the American consul in Tunis. Suggest they enquire about air mail and cables. Reports he is keeping well.

Wishes them happy new year and mentions the weather. Reports he is still well and hopes that they would received several of his letter by then.

Catches up with mail sent and received and urges them to sent him post by air mail. Comments that countryside is much greener after the rain and there were no insects and life would be good as long as they got use to the food.

Reports arrival of three of their letters. Catches up with family news and is glad they had received his letters. Glad that all is well at home and hopes it will not be long before they are together again. Writes he is still keeping well.

Catches up with mail sent and received. Writes he is well and comments on weather. Concludes some of their letters are going astray. Mentions they have new quarters which are better. Suggest that hey do not try to send anything as parcels do not get…

On the address side a small photograph of a woman in Arab dress exposing a breast. Captioned 'Belle Mauresque'. Hopes they will excuse postcard but he could not get a plain postcard. Catches up on letters sent and received and says he is writing a…

Catches up on mail sent and received and sends thanks to all who have written. He continues with pay and that he is trying to increase his allotment to them. Says he is still well and mentions weather. Thanks relative for birthday money sent to…

Writes about mail received and that airmail was best method. Continues with commiseration about situation with his dad, Hopes she will get allotment from his pay which he has tried to increase three times. He suggest she contact the air ministry to…

Writes he has not received any mail since his last letter and reiterates that airmail is best. Hopes she is settling down to new home and commiserates over family issue. Comments on recent weather and says he has no news.

Writes he has had no news from them for three weeks and mentions he is writing letter as well. Comments on how he hopes they are doing and about the current weather. Asks to be remembered to all especially one correspondent who has sent him many…
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