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Joyce Donaldson standing by launch lever while a group of civilians and military personnel look on. In the background workshops. On the reverse a stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Joyce Donaldson pulling lever to launch ship while group of civilians and military look on. On the left the bow of a ship with bottle breaking. In the background buildings. On the reverse negative number 209 and stamp for J Thornycroft Ltd,…

Bow view of a ship on slipway with several men aboard. Union Jack on bow flag pole. On the reverse negative number '211' and stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd, Southampton.

Just right of centre, Joyce Donaldson pulling a lever in a pedestal. Behind her mixed group of military and civilian personnel look on. On the left the bow of a ship. In the background workshops. Additional information about this item was kindly…

A number of business cards or message cards from Mrs N Pallister Pritchard, Mr J G Wollatt, Mr K Lawson along with others with various addresses or messages.

List medals for David Donaldson including Distinguished Service order and bar, Distinguished Flying Cross. Medal for Joyce Donaldson, War Medal 1939-45. Lists RAF Service for David Donaldson from 1934 to demob in November 1945. Lists Joyce…

Includes certificate of competency, details of holder. renewals in 1935, 35, 37, 38, 39.

Pilots flying log book for David W Donaldson. This is a newly bound compilation of 3 log books covering the period from 12 March 1938 to 19 September 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, Instructor duties and special duties flying.…

Wishes David the best for 1945. Catches up with family news and a relation who has been posted to England. Enquires as to whether Ken has started his fourth tour yet and comments that he is stretching his luck. Mentions he was very kind and helpful…

London address postmarked Southampton.

Addressed to officers mess, RAF Foulsham postmarked 1945-07-20 from Eastleigh.

Writes that he spent a pleasant Christmas with David's daughter and wife. Thanks him for present and catches up with family news.
He thanks David and Joyce for their Christmas present. Reports on his granddaughter and on his two other sons Ian (on…

Writes with praise about David's daughter.

Catches up with family matters and news.

Congratulates on new arrival and enclosing wire from brother Norman accepting role as godfather. Reports his mother is working hard and hoping to see granddaughter soon.

Congratulates on promotion to acting squadron leader. Catches up with family news mentioning wife Joyce coming to lunch. Writes of his activities.

Catches up with news and family. Mentions three alarms / sirens and guns and some war news.


Catches up with news and family

Hoping he has a happy Christmas. Catches up with family news and daughter's antics in the run up to Christmas. She is keeping all the Christmas letters and presents to show David when he comes on leave. She writes of Christmas tree and a stocking…

Commiserates over him feeling miserable. Catches up with family news and activities.

Congratulations from Ian and Norman

Written from 27 Squadron India. Writes of life in India, that he has had many letters from various people. Mention lack of social life and catches up with family news.

Written while at home, catches up with family news.

Writes that holiday in Oxford would not be a good idea and relates recent activities including a trip to Marlow. Catches up with acquaintances news and upcoming leave. Catches up with family news and motorcycling difficulty. mentions that all old…

Reports on train journey to Catterick from Eastleigh. Writes about first impressions of army camp.
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