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Four men seated in a dormitory. Also in the scene are beds, bed clothes (made into in a bed pack), a suitcase and a jacket and trousers on a hanger.

Five airmen seated on a Lancaster, three on the fuselage, wearing caps and two on the port wing root. The cockpit canopy is visible to the left. Two prints of the same photograph.

Left page - Oblique aerial photograph of Lincoln cathedral.
Right page - nine airmen standing in front of the rear turret of a Lancaster with another Lancaster in the background. Captioned '1945 463 sqn'.

Left, top. Two aircrew embracing each other beside a Lancaster. On the fuselage the squadron code letters 'KM' are visible. On the reverse is written: '2 of my crew 44 Sqd'.

Left, bottom. Six airmen grouped at the side of a Lancaster. Four are…

Left page. Airman in a Lancaster cockpit. An airman looks out at the camera from the pilot's position in the cockpit of a Lancaster. In the foreground is the port inner engine. Artwork on the nose records the completion of 20 bombing…

Left page. Six airmen, one squatting and the others standing, by the rear fuselage of a Lancaster with letter 'K'. On the reverse 'Ground crew 44 Sqd'. Captioned '44 Sqdn ground crew'.
Right page top. Two aircrew wearing battledress and peaked…

Left page. Three aircrew standing against the port side of a Lancaster rear fuselage. Two characters of the three letter aircraft code are visible either side of the roundel. The person in the centre is wearing battledress and an officer's peaked cap…

Left page. Seven aircrew at the rear turret of a Lancaster. The three at the back are standing, the middle one is an officer while the four in front are squatting down. All are wearing battledress and two have on Mae Wests. On the reverse is written:…

Left. An in-flight view of a Lancaster's mid-upper gun turret taken from the astrodome at the rear of the cockpit. The air gunner can be seen in his turret and the tail plane and fins are in the picture. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN…

A view, from the ground, of a Lancaster's nose. A person can be seen lying prone in the bomb aimer's position. Aerials and a pitot head can also be seen on the fuselage. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN' and ''T' KM'.

A view of the bomb bay of a Lancaster in which is loaded 16 x 500lb medium capacity bombs and one 4000lb high capacity bomb. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN'.

A view of the bomb bay of a Lancaster in which is loaded 12 incendiary containers and one 4000lb high capacity bomb. On the reverse is written: 'PLEASE RETURN'.

A front quarter view of a Lancaster on the ground. On the nose can be seen a tally of operations and on the rear fuselage is the aircraft's identifying letter 'L'.

A rear quarter view of an Auster in a field of long grass. On the fuselage the aircraft registration 'VW996' and identifying letter 'U' can be seen. Next to the aircraft is parked a truck with a canvass tilt on the back. Behind there are some small…

Seven airmen seated in two rows in a room.

View from airborne aircraft showing port inner engine propeller.

View of clouds taken from airborne aircraft.

Image of a sergeant airman seated on a bed. The bed clothes are made up into a bed pack.

Image of the nose art on the port side of a Lancaster nose. The name 'Martin Fierro' is painted above four rows of bomb symbols recording 39 operations carried out. Forward of this is some other artwork whose meaning is unclear. There are two prints…

Three airmen, seated in a room. Two are sergeants, one is holding a flask and cup.

An airman, in beret and great coat, stands by the corner of the Mother Huff inn, beneath the inn's sign. In the foreground is the front of a service Land Rover.

A group of servicemen, wearing battledress and berets, watch vehicles and other items being dropped by parachute over open ground. On the reverse is stamped: '4 390' and written: '12B'.

An airman is about to swing the propeller of an Auster. The aircraft is parked in a field with bushes and telegraph poles behind it. Part of the aircraft registration is visible under the port wing. The airman is wearing battledress and beret. On the…

Two soldiers, an army officer and an RAF airman standing in front of an Auster aircraft. The soldiers are dressed in fatigues and berets, the officer wears battledress, with a pilot's brevet, and a peaked cap, the airman is in battledress and beret.…

A front quarter view of a Lancaster on the ground. On the port side of the nose artwork depicts a kangaroo and three rows of bombs denote the number of operations flown. The aircraft's identification letter 'poM' is painted on the nose, the fuselage…
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