44 and 463 Squadron aircrew



44 and 463 Squadron aircrew


Left page. Three aircrew standing against the port side of a Lancaster rear fuselage. Two characters of the three letter aircraft code are visible either side of the roundel. The person in the centre is wearing battledress and an officer's peaked cap while the other two, also in battledress, are wearing forage caps. All have a single wing brevet. There are two similar prints of the same photograph in the resource. On the reverse of one of them is written: '44R SQUAD WADDINTON [sic] 1942-3 CREW MEMBERS'. On the other: '44' and 'WARD'. The album page is labelled: '44R SqN WADDINGTON 1942-3 CREW MEMBERS'.

Right. A group of 21 airmen standing and sitting for the camera in front of a building. All are wearing battledress and forage caps and many can be seen with a brevet above the left pocket. Some have a hand on shoulder on another. A climbing shrub on the building wall is in flower. On the reverse is written: 'F/Eng 463 Sqdn, Aus'. The album page is labelled: 'AUS 463 sqdn CREW'.

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Two b/w photographs mounted on two album pages


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