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Aerial vertical photograph of dock area. On the left a canal running vertically from top to bottom. At the bottom an inlet dock runs towards the centre. On the left side of the inlet six tanks and two small ships moored on jetties. Above the inlet…

Aerial vertical photograph of canal and dock basin. A canal runs from top right to centre left. At the left end is a basin runing from the canal towards the bottom right. To the right of the basin is an industrial area. Below the industrial area…

Target photograph of Wurzburg. Urban area, some light streaks, no clear detail visible. Captioned '8°F', '6B', '4705 SKELL.16/17.3.45//NT/(C).7". 9500 014° 2133 WURZBURG.E. 1HC4000IN,18X4. 19secs. F/O.SWALES.E.61.' On the reverse ' F/O. SWALES.…

Oblique aerial photograph of Wuppertal with the suspension railway above and following the course of the river Wupper. The suspension railway runs from bottom left to top right. Above the river is a built up area amongst wooded hillside with open…

Oblique aerial photograph of city landscape with multistory buildings and roads. The Wuppertal suspension railway follows the course of the Wupper river from lower right. A railway runs from top left in a slight curve to right middle keeping to the…

Oblique aerial photograph of central Winnipeg looking due east with the Red River meandering top left to middle right and the Assiniboine River meandering from bottom centre to top centre joining it. The Trans Canada Highway runs top left to bottom…

Four oblique aerial photographs.
Photo 1 and 2 are views of the snowy city, captioned 'Winnipeg 8,000 ft'.
Photo 3 is a view of houses, captioned 'Winnipeg 1,000' ft. There is also a ticket from the Winnipeg Electric Company.
Photo 4 is a snowy…

Newspaper cutting with photograph showing 12 Lancasters over New York City. 'High, Wide, and Handsome. Here on goodwill mission, dozen four-engined Lancaster bombers fly over New York giving inkling of the might that was blended with U.S. warbirds to…

An oblique aerial photograph of Windsor Castle,

Oblique aerial photograph of a square dock area with several naval vessels. There are dry docks at the top. The majority of the workshop are undamaged. It is captioned 'Wilhemshaven' [sic].

An oblique aerial photograph of a Wilhelmshaven. In the foreground are fields with bomb craters with Ebkeriege-Kaserne then the town behind. In the distance are docks with naval vessels and the North Sea.

Identification kindly provided by Andrew…

Target photograph showing built up area of Wilhelmshaven. Photograph is orientated with north to the left. Ems-Jade-Kanal is running from top to middle right of photograph. Railway goods yard towards bottom. Streaks of light and anti-aircraft fire…

Target photograph of Caroliniensel and Harlesiel on the Harle river. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '3065 SKELL.5.10.44.//8" 16500' [arrow] 312° 1112 WILHELMSHAVEN RD.V.10X1000.4'J'X500.C35secs.F/L WAKE.C.50' On the reverse '[underlined] F/LT WAKE 5.10.44.…

Target photograph of a coastline running from bottom right to centre left then bottom left. There is a bomb explosion centre left.

Photograph shows coastline with breached sea wall, captioned 'WESTKAPELLE K3300, Dist 23B, 0017 106G3369.18 Oct .44 F/8".115 Degrees'. Reverse, captioned 'Oblique Westkapelle Netherlands'.

Top - coastline curving from top left to bottom centre. Some bomb explosions are visible bottom left on coast. Bottom - open ground with a built up area centre left. Bomb explosions bottom right quadrant.

Top - coastline curving from top left to centre left and then bottom centre. Bomb explosions visible in centre just inland of coast. Bottom - coastline juts out from bottom to centre with bomb explosion on coastline at centre.

A vertical aerial photograph of the Westkapelle Dyke, Vlissingen. The coastline can be seen but little on the ground. annotated '1831 MEP 3.10.44// 8” 5,000 [arrow] 158[degrees] 1355. WEST CAPELLE DYK. N. 1 x 4000. 6x1000. 1x500.C 20 SECS. F/O…

A vertical aerial photograph of West Bromwich. Canals and railway branches are clearly visible.

Identification kindly provided by Richard Evans of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group.

Oblique aerial photograph of a city with much bomb damage. Submitted with caption 'Wesel Cooks tour'. Willibrordi Cathedral is to far left centre.

A vertical aerial photograph of Wesel, orientated with south to the top. Wesel is not covered by the photograph but lies below the bottom edge. However, the Wesel-Datteln Kanal is clearly visible, cutting across the middle of the frame, as are the…

Target photograph of Wesel. Some roads and railway tracks can be seen in the upper half while at the centre there are several plumes of smoke. The whole area is covered by thin cloud.
It is captioned: "2952 MEP. 16.2.45//7" 19,000' 112º 1600 WESEL.…

An oblique aerial photograph, just catching the starboard engines of the aircraft, is labelled as Wesel, showing almost total destruction of buildings. The prominent building top middle is Berliner Tor. The cleared road leading to it and around it,…

Aerial inclined photograph showing a town with almost all buildings damaged or completely destroyed. In the foreground parkland with trees and a few scattered damaged buildings. There are a number of bomb craters visible. In the centre the main part…

On the left an aerial inclined photograph of a badly damaged town. The the foreground a open area with few standing buildings, large areas of rubble and occasional bomb craters. In the bottom right quadrant a road circles a small wooded area. There…
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