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A diary kept by Les during his time as a prisoner of war. Pages have been crossed out as he transfers his comments from cursive to print.

The diary starts with a letter stating that Les is missing and believed killed. In reality he had become a prisoner of war. It is subtitled 'Diary June 3rd 1941 to Nov 6th 1943 Life as a POW'

A prisoner smoking all his cigarettes at once. It is captioned 'The next step - all cigarettes parcels will be smoked at the store'. He is watched over by a guard.

A sketch of a prisoner lying on the bottom bunk. On top is another prisoner of war sleeping. His greatcoat is hung at the end of the bunk.

A cartoon of a prisoner with a glass and a bottle. He is jumping for joy over a wrecked building.

A cartoon of a prisoner waiting for food and a parcel. He is dreaming of roast chicken.

A sketch of the hut that Les stayed in. Forested mountains behind.

He has received letters from home. He talks about family.

He has received a letter from his mother. He has left the camp at Prato for a new camp. They are having a concert that night. It is much colder and there is snow in the mountains.

He has received 4 letters and a card. He asks for cigarettes and says he is well.

He has had six letters. He has been walking in the Dolomites and playing sports.

He has received a letter from his mother. They have been given grapes, apples and a mug of wine. There have been sports. He is well.

He tells his mother that not much has happened. He says it is warm enough to sunbathe and they hade the usual entertainments, concerts, sports, lectures, classes and debates. He is well.

He writes they have had their usual sports but got beaten by the Australians. No letters but they got Red Cross parcels. There has been a debate and spelling Bee. The revue is being held the next day. He is well.

He has been practising for the concert. He had a letter from Lady Ampthill asking about his pilot and observer.

He is in good health and the prisoners have had a big concert. He has been on long walks and they have had lectures and a debate.

He has moved camp again. He can go for long walks. He looks forward to receiving mail.

He has moved to a more permanent camp. He asks for parcels, weight less than 11 pounds and must contain food and cigarettes. No papers are to be sent. He is in good health and spirits.

He is in good health and the weather is hot. He struggles to fill the card but asks that she remembers him to his pals and the Holloways.

He writes that he has been moved and she is not to worry about him.

He has received letters from her. He has had parcels, too. Some lines have been blacked out by a censor.

The postcard has pre-printed words to be scored out if not required. It explains that he is a prisoner of war of the Italians. It is signed Leslie Pickford.
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