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A group of airmen outside a building on the pavement. On the reverse of the photograph is some handwriting reading "5D39 BLACKPOOL JULY 1941".


Left - view from behind of an airman wearing flying helmet looking back from the left hand seat in bomber cockpit. Captioned 'Skip'.
Centre - three-quarter length image of a pilot wearing tunic and side cap standing by a wall with trees in the…

The two photographs on the left page show two men in military uniform standing in front of a hedge. They have training flashes on their caps.
The photograph on the top left of the right page shows trees and a house with ivy growing up the walls.…

Five photographs from an album.
#1 is a head and shoulders of a WAAF.
#2 is two airmen and a woman standing outside aa house.
#3 is an airman on his back in the snow.
#4 is a half length portrait of an airman.
#5 is two airmen, a man and wife…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is two airmen standing in the sun outside a wooden building.
#2 is a loose group of airmen standing outside a wooden building.
#3 is an aerial view across an aircraft's wing into a low sun.
#4 is an oblique…

Two airmen at the nose of a Halifax. Nose art is visible, including a Disney Cartoon Mr Grasshopper figure and 'Yehudi'.

It is captioned '"Yehudi" Halifax V DK-226 coded ZL-Y 427 Squadron 6 Group RCAF Leeming Yorkshire 1943'.

This item was…

Long table of seated airmen having dinner. Two further tables at the side and a top table in the distance. On the wall an RAF ensign. Captioned 'HQ1533'.

Three tables of seated airmen having coffee. Some airmen standing at the rear. One man standing in the foreground with his back to the camera. Caption 'HQ1541'. On the reverse 'Peter Weeks'.

Three long tables of airmen seated at formal dinner. In the background various flags and decorations. Several airmen show facial burn scars. Captioned 'HQ1535'. On the reverse 'Towers Perkins Percy Jayes'.

Group of airmen seated at long table. In the background is a second long table and the top table. Several airmen show facial burn scars. Captioned 'HQ1539'.

Long table of seated airmen, on the right is a second long table and in the background is the top table. Some of the airmen have facial burn scars. Captioned 'HQ1552'.

Group of standing airmen getting menus signed by four seated civilians. The civilian are at the top table at the formal dinner. Captioned 'HQ1643', on the reverse 'Roy Hocrer RCAF'.

Six photographs from an album.
#1 is a group of trainees.
#2 is two airmen and a Canadian man.
#3 is airmen grouped in three rows in front of a hangar.
#4 and 6 are a loose group of trainees in front of a wooden building.
#5 is a man in a white…

Four top table guests seated, Wing Commander Ross Tilley signing a menu. Three airmen standing, waiting. Captioned 'HQ1524'.

The photograph on the left of the left page shows the tail of an aircraft.
The photograph on the top right of the left page shows the interior of an aircraft with a view looking out of the bomb aimer's position.
The photograph on the bottom right…

Two airmen in the cockpit of an Anson.

The photograph on the left page shows 13 men in front of a Bolingbroke. The men are wearing military uniforms and 11 men can be seen with aircrew brevets above their left pockets.
The four photographs on the right page shows silhouettes of trees and…

A group of airmen in desert military uniforms in front of an Anson


A group of airmen being shown a machine gun turret.

Airmen marching in front of York Minster.
On the reverse 'Bill Stephen - Front row centre
6 Group Service VE day '45
Gr. Capt Rutledge Leading'.

13 airmen arranged around tables preparing for an operation.

A group of airmen seated at a long table with soup bowls and beer bottles. Two further long tables and a top table are visible. On the wall are RAF ensigns. Captioned 'HQ1536'.

One long table of seated airmen with two further tables partly visible. In the background the top table and on the wall a Royal Air Force ensign. Captioned 'HQ1538'.

Wing Commander Ross Tilley shaking hands with airmen whilst behind an Air Chief Marshall signs a menu. They are seated at the top table with a vase of flowers and after dinner coffees. Captioned 'HQ1529'

An airmen standing in an aircraft holding on to a machine gun.
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