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Mathers, Ronald
R W Mathers


20 items. The collection concerns Wing Commander Ronald Mathers DFC (55201 Royal Air Force) and consists of his log books, photographs, correspondence, his decorations, and copies of two letters from Dwight Eisenhower to Sir Arthur Harris. Ronald Mathers completed a tour of operations as a pilot with 9 Squadron from RAF Bardney. After the war he took part in victory flypasts and a Goodwill tour of the United States with 35 Squadron. The collection also contains a scrapbook of the Goodwill Tour to the United States.

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Mathers, RW

Collection Items

Ronald Mathers pilots flying log book. Two
Pilots flying log book for Ronald Mathers covering the period from 1 October 1944 to 24 February 1948. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties and duties with 35 squadron. He was stationed at RAF Swinderby, RAF Finningley, RAF Hullavington,…

Ronald Mathers pilots flying log book. One
Pilots flying log book for Ronald Mathers covering the period from 8 May 1942 to 30 September 1944. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF De Winton, RAF Swift Current, RAF…

Ron Mathers
Ron Mathers seated by a desk. He is wearing shorts and no top. On the desk is a lamp and a cup. On the reverse 'September 1954 Abu Sueir, Taken by Jock one afternoon last week. Tea was "up" and I was just starting a letter to my "ever loving". That's…

Ron Mathers
Ron Mathers sitting at a desk.working on a document. He is wearing tropical airman's uniform with the rank of Wing Commander.

Six airmen and a Lancaster
Six airmen wearing side caps are standing in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse they are identified as 'Jock Rear Gunner, Tom Navigator, Me Skipper, Al Engineer, Paddy Mid-upper Gunner Jock Wireless Operator'.

Caricature of Ron Mathers
A caricature side view of Ron Mathers standing looking at Lancasters. It is signed by Pat Rooney and dated 1945.

Winston Churchill's Cigars
A packet of cigars annotated 'Cigars, as smoked by Winston Churchill were given to Ron when he was C.O. of RAF Stanmore Park in 1974 by Sir Herbert Seddon who had been Churchill's private physician'.

No 35 Squadron (B) (Madras Presidency) Squadron
Four rows of airmen arranged in front of a Lancaster. It is captioned 'No 35 Squadron (B) (Madras Presidency) Squadron R.A.F. Graveley February 1946.' Ron Mathers is front row third from the right.

Lancaster 'C for Charlie' over London
An air-to-air photograph of three Lancasters captioned 'Lancaster "C" for Charlie in the Victory Day Fly Past over London by 35 Sqn on 8th June 1946 with Ron at the controls'.

Appointment of Ron Mathers as Pilot Officer
Letter from King George VI appointing Ron Mathers as a Pilot Officer.

Appointment of Ron Mathers as Flying Officer
Letter from King George VI appointing Ron Mathers as Flying Officer .

Lancaster over the Mall
A Lancaster drops poppies over the Victoria Memorial at the end of the Mall. It is captioned '50th Anniversary of VJ day 1995' and has a commemorative stamp 'Lancaster' stamp issued in June 97.

Woking Pilot's "Tough" Holiday
Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about Ron Mathers' trip to the United States.
Item 2 is a photograph of a Lancaster 'TL-C' on the ground.

RAF Goodwill planes home
Item 1 is a newspaper cutting marking the return of the Lancasters to Graveley.
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting titled 'Goodwill' showing 11 Lancasters over St Paul's Cathedral.

Airmen, Lancasters and women
Photograph 1 is an airman with a female Naval officer standing in front of a Lancaster, captioned ' A small bit of liaison with the Navy!'
Photograph 2 is an airman and a woman standing in front of Lancaster "TL-C", captioned 'The sister and the…

Anne Clough's Heart was filled with pride as British Bombers roared into Westover
Details on Anne Clough service in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force during the War.

ATC welcomes RAF Sq #35 to Westover Field
Item 1 is a typed entertainment programme for 35 Squadron at Westover Field.
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting about 35 Squadron and their social activities.
Item 3 is a newspaper cutting titled 'RAF Open House to be today at Westover Field'.
Item 4…

35 Squadron over Washington
Item 1 is a formal invitation to Flight Lieutenant Mathers to attend a reception at the British Embassy.
Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 are air-to-air view s of 12 Lancasters over Washington captioned 'Formation over the "White House"'

Andrews Field News
First item is an account of the the visit by 35 Squadron at Andrews Field. Second item is 'U.S., Britain must retain air superiority, Says English Ace'. Handwritten notes of Washington addresses.

Item 1 is a photograph of Ronald Mathers wearing a cowboy hat with a calf at his feet, behind are cars. It is captioned 'He would have been cow puncher of the year only the cow punched him first!'
Item 2 is a newspaper cutting with the same…

Buckhorn Museum and San Antonio
Item 1 is a leaflet about The Buckthorn Curio Store (Buckhorn Museum)
Item 2 is a leaflet about La Villita, the little Spanish town of San Antonio.
Item 3 is a photograph of a building, captioned 'Spanish Governor's Palace'.
Item 4 is a street…

Members of Famed British Squadron tour San Antonio
A sketch map of Texas showing the state disproportionately large, captioned Mayan Guest Ranch, Bandera, Texas. Underneath is text referring to points of interest in San Antonio and missions within the state.

Rita Hayworth
Head and shoulders photograph of Rita Hayworth, signed 'The best of luck -always Rita Hayworth'.

Studios toured by RAF men
Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about the airmen visiting studios and recreation centres.
Item 2 is a photograph of three men and two women, captioned 'Some of the stars about town'.
Item 3, 4, 5 and 6 are photographs of several airmen standing with…

Southern California
Item 1 is a card with an aerial view of Ocean Avenue, Long Beach.
Item 2 is a card for Ricarts Restaurant at Long Beach.
Item 3 is a photograph of the National Broadcasting Company studios.
Item 4 is a photograph of a yacht at the quayside.
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