Studios toured by RAF men



Studios toured by RAF men


Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about the airmen visiting studios and recreation centres.
Item 2 is a photograph of three men and two women, captioned 'Some of the stars about town'.
Item 3, 4, 5 and 6 are photographs of several airmen standing with actresses at the studios.



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One newspaper cutting and five b/w photographs on a scrapbook page


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Studios Toured by R.A.F. Men

Southern California studios and recreation centers [sic] opened wide their doors yesterday to 220 British airmen of the R.A.F.’s 35th Heavy Bombardment Squadron who landed at Long Beach Army Air Base Sunday in 16 giant Lancasters and two York transports.

A veteran pathfinder squadron of the R.A.F.’s night raids on the Reich, the flight crossed the Atlantic in formation on Operation Goodwill and arrived at Long Beach after a flying tour across country to participate in the A.A.F.’s anniversary celebration here next Thursday.

Actresses Are Guides

Squadron members yesterday were divided into groups and toured Warner Bros., R.K.O., Universal and Republic studios, with actresses as their guides.

One group was feted at Pickfair, Mary Pickford’s home, and others were guests at the home of Ruth Day, prominent British woman, at 2049 Oakstone Way, West Los Angeles.

Stratemeyer to Speak

Officers of the squadron will be guests of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Air Force Association at an A.A.F. Day dinner Thursday night at the Hollywood Roosevelt.

Principal speaker will be Lt. Gen. George S. Stratemeyer, former commander of the American Air Forces in China, and now chief of the Air Defence Command.


SOME OF THE STARS ABOUT TOWN. Here pictured in one of the more prominent spots frequented by the stars, Ciro’s, we find film star Robert Stack celebrating the birthday of his mother. Left to right, are seen, Mr. James L. Stack, Jr., Mrs. James L. Stack, Sr., Mr. Robert Stack, Mr. John Haskell, and Miss Virginia Hellis.

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