Letter to Dennis Batty from brother Phil



Letter to Dennis Batty from brother Phil


Catches up with news from home including baby's birthday, office life and other activities. Describes going to Stratford on Avon on his bike. Continues with more family news and comments on his brother's activities. Describes display by Harvard aircraft and comments on Spitfire fund.




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Two page handwritten letter


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175, Ingram Rd

October 2nd 1940

Dear Denis,

sorry I wasn’t able to answer your letter straight away but there isn’t much news and I haven’t much time still what bit of news there is I will try to make a letter out of. Wilf Clarke is getting married soon and the bann’ s [sic] were read out for the first time on Sunday. The baby’s birthday is drawing near but she looks like being unlucky as my next weeks pocket money will be swallowed up in debts. Office life proceeds as usual with an ocassional [sic] air raid to break the monotony. Mrs Adcock has bought the baby a hot water bottle and a box of chocolates for her birthday though mother looks like confiscating the latter. I wish you could see Eileen at the present she looks like an indian brave on the war-path. Apparently she imagines that by adorning her features with a milk like liquid she will have

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a perfect skin. I went to Stratford on Avon on ‘my bike’ the other Sunday and it was a good ride. We went through Kenilworth and Warwick about 70 miles not bad for the first time. I went to Aunty Nellie’s last Sunday to see their new house which is right near the beacon. The children go to Maryvale school which hasn’t changed a bit. I suppose you still visit your friends every night? I only wish I could go with you I bet its great fun. Life in Bloxwich is pretty dull nothing ever happens round these parts.
On Saturday a test pilot put one of the American Harvards through its paces [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] and he certainly new his job. He came so low over the bridge that you could see him quite plainly at the controls. The Spitfire fund is all the rage now and if I had given 6d every time I had been asked I should have bought one myself. Well I cant think of anything else at the present shall write again soon au revoir
P.S. Remember me when your over the Ruhr
P.P.S All at home send their love




P H Batty, “Letter to Dennis Batty from brother Phil,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 1, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/26266.

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