Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother



Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother


Thanks him for gift and catches up with news and gossip from home. Hopes he will get through job safe. Continues with more family news.


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Two page handwritten letter


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175 Ingram[?] Road


My Dear Son.

First let me thank you very much for your Gift, but you should not have sent all that I will promise to buy something for myself, Dad has given me the money to buy some shoes so with yours too I feel quite rich. I dont[sic] know what to say about Kath I dont[sic] think she has seen Jack & even so she would not expect you to stay in still I like her & we often say & write things we dont[sic] [indecipherable words due to tear in paper] you are both young & have plenty of time I did not like the bumping off God knows we are all in this lot & a lot of inocent[sic] people have got to pay but I hope

[page break]

You come through this job safe it would not do for [indecipherable word] to live just for today, still dont[sic] think too much about it everything will come right in the end. I have not heard from Auntie Nellie I think she is upset because I did not go but Baby was too ill to leave I wrote & told her & she answered that letter saying how hard up she was & that she was asking Mary Mc[?] to be Godmother to the baby, it hurt me – after all I had done for them, still that is the way of the world, after all I cant[sic] help everyone & like to give Dad & Mother a bit, anyhow I suppose she will write sometime. I shall be pleased when you come home I hope it wont be long, I will leave Philip to tell you all the news he took me to the pictures last week, more next letter. Best love Mother xxxx



G V Batty, “Letter to Dennis Batty from his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 13, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/26265.

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