Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order



Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order


Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order, for graves including that of A H D Batty.




One typewritten sheet with annotations


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[underlined] SCHEDULE “A” [/underlined]
Contract No:- 1947/17
Name & address of firm:-
H.A. Clegg & Sons
City Road,

Page:- 1
Name of Burial Place;-

1058/1/T/9 0.2.440 (S.P.) 1
4912096 Private [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
[inserted] 6 [/inserted] I.Jones
The South Staffordshire [inserted] 21 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]

Regiment [inserted] 8 [/inserted]
19th September 1940 Age 27[inserted] 22 [/inserted]
His memory [inserted] 9 [/inserted]
In our greatest treasure [inserted] 21 [/inserted]
In our hearts [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 11 [/inserted]
He will live for ever [inserted] 17 [/inserted]
[inserted] 6 [/inserted] [inserted] 123 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/1[/inserted]

1057/1/T/9 0.2.441 (S.P.) 2
5043664 Corporal [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
[inserted] 6 [/inserted] J Perks
The North Staffordshire [inserted] 21 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
Regiment [inserted] 8 [/inserted]
31st October 1940 Age 37 [inserted] 20 [/inserted]
At the going down of the sun [inserted] 22 [/inserted]
And in the Morning [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
I will remember him. [inserted] 16 [/inserted]
Mother [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 6 [/inserted]
[inserted] 6 [/inserted] [inserted] 123 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/2 [/inserted]

1192/1/T/10 0.2.443 (S.P.) 3
619060 Flight Sergeant [inserted] 20 [/inserted]
[inserted]11 [/inserted] A.H.D. Batty, DFM.
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner [inserted] 26 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
Royal Air Force [inserted] 13 [/inserted]
27th July 1941 Age 21 [inserted] 17 [/inserted]
Eternal rest [inserted] 11 [/inserted]
Grant to him, O Lord; [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
And let perpetual light [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 20 [/inserted]
Shine upon him [inserted] 12 [/inserted]
R.I.P [inserted] 3 [/inserted]
[inserted] 11 [/inserted] [inserted]137 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/4 [/inserted]

1192/1/T/9 0.2.444 (S.P) 4
1186752 Sergeant [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
[inserted] 12 [/inserted] A. Hilebrandt
Air Gunner [inserted ] 9 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
Royal Air Force [inserted] 13 [/inserted]
14th October 1941 Age 28 [inserted] 20 [/inserted]
Sacred memories of Alf. [inserted] 19 [/inserted]
Dearly beloved husband [inserted] 20 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
Of Daisy
“Thy will be done “[inserted] 13 [/inserted]
[inserted] 12 [/inserted] [inserted]116 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/5 [/inserted]

R/1190/1/A/ [deleted]6 [/deleted] [inserted] 8 [/inserted] 0.2.445 (S.P) 5
2093445 Corporal [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
[inserted] 10 [/inserted] K. Lowbridge
Royal Engineers [inserted] 14 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
[inserted] H/22 25.4.48 [/inserted] [Star stamp]
20th August 1942 Age 21 [inserted] 19 [/inserted]
Forever in the hearts [inserted] 18 [/inserted]
Of those you love [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
[inserted] 10 [/inserted] [inserted] RR/2/6 [/inserted]
[inserted] Grave to be marked bu a permanent memorial n the {indecipherable} a kerb. [/inserted]

1192/1/A/8 0.2.446 (S.P) 6
1659070 Aircraftman 2nd Cl. [inserted] 23 [/inserted]
[inserted] 10 [/inserted] T.J. Fletcher [inserted] [/inserted]
Royal Air Force [inserted] 13 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
22nd December 1942 Age 32 [inserted] 21 [/inserted]
Silent memories [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
Are all that are left [inserted] 17 [/inserted]
Of a husband never forgotten. [inserted] 24 [/inserted]
Olive [inserted] 5 [/inserted]
[inserted] 10 [/inserted] [inserted] 117 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/7 [/inserted]

R/1190/1/A/8 0.2.447 (S.P) 7
13005476 Sapper [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
[inserted] 9 [/inserted] W.A. Simkiss
Royal Engineers [inserted] 14 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
27th January 1943 Age 45 [inserted] 20 [/inserted]
Gone but not forgotten [inserted] 19 [/inserted]
Always in our thoughts [inserted] 19 [/inserted]
Of his loving wife [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
And children [inserted] 11 [/inserted]
[inserted] 9 [/inserted] [inserted] 112 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/2/8 [/inserted]

R/1190/1/A/ 0.2.448 (S.P) 8
4927700 Sapper [inserted] 13 [/inserted]
[inserted] 11 [/inserted] G.H. Jenkinson
Royal Engineers [inserted] 14 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
6th June 1944 Age 18 [inserted] 16 [/inserted]
(No emblem)
In ever loving memory [inserted] 18 [/inserted]
Our dearest boy [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 12 [/inserted]
“Resting [inserted] 7 [/inserted]
Where no shadows fall “[inserted] 18 [/inserted]
[inserted] 11 [/inserted] [inserted] 98 [/inserted]
[inserted] RR/1/1 [/inserted]

1055/1/t [deleted 5 [/deleted] [inserted] 8 [/inserted] 0.3.157 9
4039480 Private [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
[inserted] 7 [/inserted] J Selvey
The King’s [inserted] 8 [/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
Shropshire Light Infantry [inserted] 23 [/inserted]
24th January 1941 [inserted] 15 [/inserted]
(Cross) [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 60 [/inserted]
[inserted] Awaiting owner’s consent. [/inserted]
[Star Stamp]
[inserted] H/11M 22/12/47[/inserted]
[inserted] RR/1/2 [/inserted]

1524/1/A/6 [inserted] 0.3.241 [/inserted] 10
4917720 Private [inserted] 14 [/inserted]
[inserted] 11 [/inserted] R.J. Carpenter
Army Catering Corps [inserted] 17[/inserted] [inserted] tick [/inserted]
20th September 1943 Age 25 [inserted] 22 [/inserted]
In memory [inserted] tick [/inserted] [inserted] 8 [/inserted]
Of my dearly beloved husband [inserted] 24 [/inserted]
[inserted] 11 [/inserted] [inserted] 82 [/inserted]

[Star Stamp] Do not execute Headstones marked with this sign until you receive further instructions.

DS88576/1 (41)/R67 15 2/47 R



Commonwealth War Graves Commission, “Commonwealth War Graves Commission work order,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024,

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