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486 items in 12 sub-collections. The collection concerns Ken Cothliff's research on 6 Group Bomber Command and contains an interview with Adolf Galland, documents and photographs. Sub-collections include information on 427 Squadron, 429 Squadrons, Gerry Philbin, Jim Moffat, Reg Lane, Robert Mitchell, Steve Puskas and logs from RAF Tholthorpe.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Cothliff and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Cothliff, K

Collection Items

Gunther Rall was raised in Stuttgart and enjoyed outdoor and sporting activities as a youngster and he was also a Boy Scout. He became a cadet in the army, and joined the 13th Infantry Regiment. He met a friend in the air force, and decided it was…

Under the Maple Leaf Photo Captions
A document of 84 of the images in this collection. There is a thumbnail of the image, a caption and a credit.

35  Squadron September 1941 Names List
A list of names of the airmen and ground crew in the squadron photograph.

Eight  Air and Ground Crew and a Bomb Load
Eight airmen and ground crew posing on and behind a laden bomb trolley. Painted on the bombs is 'Hitler's Haunters Ghost Sqdn 2000 Sortie'.
Behind is a Lancaster 'P', identified in the Inventory as 'KB760 NA-P'.

Halifax Model
Two images of a Halifax model. It is mounted on a small stone.

Five Airmen and a Lancaster
Five airmen at the rear of Lancaster, DS848, 'QO-R'.

Gorenflos V-1 base
A vertical aerial photograph taken during a bombing operation. A Halifax is directly underneath heading towards a town. To the left of the town are numerous bomb explosions. Bomb craters can be see in the fields, some in lines and others in…

Lorient docks
A vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing of a dockyard. An aircraft is visible as a silhouette below. The dock is identified in the inventory as Lorient.

Loaded Bomb Bay
A bomb bay loaded with bombs and incendiaries.

A blessing for aircrew and ground personnel

Halifax Mk. III Sketch
A port side sketch of a Halifax 'I'.

429 Squadron Crest
A copy of 429 Squadron's crest with 'Approved George R.I.'.

427 Squadron Crest
A copy of the 427 Squadron Crest with 'Approved George R.I.'

Eleven Airmen
Robert Mitchell, crew and ground crew arranged in two rows in front of Halifax 'AL-X'

Robert Mitchell and Crew
Eight airmen including Robert, dressed in flying kit, in front of their Halifax.

Four Airmen
One airman sitting on the chock and three airmen standing round him. Behind is Halifax 'W'.

Robert Mitchell
Robert is seated on a BSA motorcycle APV643 in front of a Halifax.

Robert Mitchell DFC
A tree-quarter length portrait of Robert standing in front of his Halifax.

Douglas Petty's Wedding
Bride, Groom and wedding party totalling 21 arranged on the pavement outside a house on Belle Vue Crescent, Cardiff.

Robert Mitchell
Rober Mitchell standing under the wing of Halifax 'W' with his right foot on a chock.

Robert Mitchell and Flo
Robert has his arms round a woman identified as 'Flo'. They are sitting on a wooden boat with a river and trees behind them.

Robert Mitchell
A half-length portrait of Robert Mitchell in front of a Halifax.

Robert Mitchell and Eva Krupa
The heads of Robert and Eva in a cut out cartoon aeroplane in front of a painted lake and hills. On the aircraft is written 'No 11 S.F.T.S'.

Ten Airmen
Two identical images of ten airmen in front of a Halifax. On the first there is a typewritten caption identifying the airmen but not the ground crew.
'Back row left W Manion bomb aimer D.F.C
" " second left F Bullen navigator D.F.C

Two Airmen and a Halifax
Two airmen sitting on the port outer engine of a Halifax during refuelling operations.
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