Cothliff, Ken. Reg Lane


Cothliff, Ken. Reg Lane


11 items. The collection contains photographs of Reg Lane and his crew. Squadron Leader Reg Lane was a pilot with 35 Squadron and flew the first Canadian built Lancaster to the UK.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Cothliff and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Cothliff, K

Collection Items

Reg Lane and Lancaster KB700
The roll out of Lancaster KB700 with Reg Lane in the cockpit. A Canadian flag is draped over the 'Ruhr Express' nose art.

Reg Lane
A half length portrait of Reg Lane in uniform.

Reg Lane and Crew
Reg Lane and his crew standing at the front of a Halifax.

Reg Lane
Half-length colour portrait of Reg Lane in formal uniform.

Reg Lane and Ruhr Express
Reg Lane leaning out of the cockpit of Lancaster KB700, 'Ruhr Express'.

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen at the rear gun turret of a Lancaster. A typed caption has been added to the image stating 'Squadron Leader R.J. Lane DSO DFC Victoria BC (RCAF Photo)

Port side of a Lancaster on the ground. Identified in information supplied with the collection as DV199.

Lancaster in Flight
Port side view of Lancaster, DV170, in flight.

Lancaster KB700 Crew
Five airmen at the crew ladder, dressed in flying kit, of Lancaster KB700 LQ-Q'.

Halifax in Flight
A Halifax in flight taken from the port/rear. It has code 'TL-P'. On the rear are signatures of 'GJ Philipps, R. Lane F/Lt, G. Williams, A. Hailey [indecipherable]'.
Also a copyright stamp for 'Aeroplane' magazine.
Information supplied with the…

35 Squadron and Halifax
Large group of airmen and ground crew arranged in three rows at the front of a Halifax. Information supplied with the collection identifies the group as 35 Squadron, March 1942. Taken at the time of handover from Wing Commander Whitworth to Wing…
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