Cothliff, Ken. Folder 1504


Cothliff, Ken. Folder 1504


42 items. The collection contains photographs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Cothliff and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Cothliff, K

Collection Items

RAF Leeming Control Room Christmas Party
Two images on one photograph of a group of airmen and women having a party in the Control Room at Leeming, 1945.

RAF Leeming Mess at Christmas
Two images of a party held in the Leeming mess at Christmas, 1945.

RAF Wombleton
Five photographs of RAF Wombleton.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Three Halifaxes are parked on a snowy landscape.
Photo 3, 4 and 5 are the same. A Proctor and a Halifax on a snowy landscape.

Six WAAFs at Leeming
Six Women’s Auxiliary Air Force members grouped on the steps at RAF Leeming

Four Women
Four women in civilian clothes standing at the railing on top of a control tower. Behind is a windsock.

Lecture to WAAFs
Rows of WAAFs listening to a lecture. At the front a civilian is pointing to a map of Germany.

Road Leading to RAF Billets
A single track road curving towards low buildings. It is captioned 'Road leading to our billets, Tholthorpe'.

Three RAF Controllers
Three airmen working in a control room. In front of them is radio equipment. The men are sat on wooden chairs with improvised cushions.

Airmen preparing for an operation
13 airmen arranged around tables preparing for an operation.

Snow clearing
A tractor with a snow clearing machine on the front. It is throwing an arc of snow off the runway. A four-engined bomber can be seen in the background

Landing Halifax
A Halifax coming into land.

Resting Airmen
Airmen resting in the mess. A large open fire is heating the room. On the wall is a hunting scene.

Ground Crew and a Cookie
A cookie bomb on a trolley with a ground crew airman behind.

RAF Tholthorpe
An oblique aerial photograph of RAF Tholthorpe (disused) taken in the 1970s.

Vertical aerial photograph taken during an attack on Metz. The centre of the image is obscured by explosions. The caption reads '2739.LMG.28/29.6.44//NT. 8" 12000 -->041° 0131 1/12 Metz Raid. L 13*500 C.23 secs W/O Irish K 429'.

Nine Airmen
Nine airmen arranged behind the port wing of a Halifax. Additional information supplied with the collection states 'Puskas crew R2L Alvin Williams & Steve P'.

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel and Lancaster
A large group of WAAFs arranged in three rows in front of a Lancaster. Additional information supplied with the collection states 'W.Cdr Hull & female staff'.

Outside Head Quarters Building RAF Leeming
A group of airmen and airwoman arranged outside a building. Additional information supplied with the collection states 'Outside HQ bldg Leeming circa 1944.45'.

Flying Halifax
A starboard side view of a flying Halifax, LV857. Information supplied with the collection states 'LV857 on its way to 35 Sqn FTR 31.3.44 51 Sqn'.

Gorenflos V-1 base
A vertical aerial photograph taken during a bombing run. Underneath is a Halifax. A town can be seen with many bomb craters. The left centre of the image is obscured by explosions.

Loading Mines
Two images of mines being loaded. In the first image one mine is in position on the rack and a second is on the trolley about to be winched up. An annotation reads 'Mines'.
In the second image a mine is on a trolley. Chalked on the mine is the…

RAF Leeming Hangar
Two views of a hangar identified as at Leeming,

RAF Leeming Christmas Flying Control 1945
Five airmen and two women at a bar. Information supplied with the collection states 'Leeming Xmas Flying Control 1945 inc G.Capt Evans'. There is a caption but it is indecipherable.

Leeming Sergeants Mess Christmas 1945
Large group of airmen and WAAFs grouped around a Christmas Tree.

In Flight Aircraft
A blurred image of several aircraft in flight. Information supplied with the image states 'Laurie Godfrey 408 Sqn'.
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