Cothliff, Ken. Folder 1703


Cothliff, Ken. Folder 1703


27 items. The collection contains photographs and a map.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Cothliff and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Cothliff, K

Collection Items

Halifax Nose
The nose of a Halifax with the pilot leaning out of the cockpit. On the reverse '[indecipherable FD-O Prior to our last H.C.U. flight 23rd May 1945.'
and '1695 HCU Dishforth Halifax MkIII'.

Seven Airmen and Lancaster 'NA-I'
Seven airmen standing under the nose of Lancaster 'NA-I'. Annotated 'S/Ldr Don Lamont & Crew. "I" Ink 428 Sqd. M.S.G.'
On the reverse -
F/Lt Don Lamont & crew by Lanc KB792
Left to Right
F/S Ken Kehl (WOP)
Sgt Tod MacLelland R/gunner
F/Lt Don…

Seven Airmen and a Halifax
Seven airmen in a line in front of their Halifax. On the reverse -
' A "Hally" 5 at Dishforth (?)
Left to Right
Bernatchez (B)
Brassard (P)
Alarie Tieven [crossed out] (R.G.)
Bourke (N)
Lalond (MU. G)
Self (E)
Tieven (Wop)'
' "C" of…

Moose, Airmen and a Dog
Several airmen with a mounted moose head on which a small dog is sitting.

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen in flying kit standing in front of their Halifax.
On the reverse 'Halifax Mk V Poss SE-W LL258'
'Left to right as viewed
"Jock" Heron M/O
"Ned" Sparkes F/Eng
"Badge"Badgery (RAAF) Pilot
"Archie" Pitt Nav
"Jack" Page…

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen in flying kit beside a Halifax mainwheel.
On the reverse ' 6U-I 415 Sqn NA202 East Moor' and
'RCAF Eastmoor 1945
L-R Rear [indecipherable] F/Sgt (Red) Middleton
F/O McKenzie (MAC) B/A RCAF Fl/Lt…

Sodium Flarepath Type F Middleton St George
A sketch map of the lights on runway 06/24 at RAF Middleton St George.

427 Squadron and Lancaster
A large group of airmen arranged in five rows in front and on the wing of a Lancaster. Annotated 'UK20082'.
On the reverse '419 [scored out] 427 Sqdn
427 with C.O. Centre W/C EM Bryson DFC
British built Lanc Leeming May 45'.

"Ted" Lewis with Mid under gun
Ted crouched under a Halifax with a gun.
On the reverse 'E.G. "Ted" Lewis with .5 showing free standing mount on bottom of gun. To escape the .5 must be thrown out. June 1944'.
A second image shows the gun in position. On the reverse 'E.G. "Ted"…

"Ted" Lewis - Gunner
Ted Lewis at the rear gun turret of a Halifax.
On the reverse 'E.G. "Ted" Lewis Spare Gunner June 1944'.

Halifax 'X Terminator' and Crews
14 airmen under the front of their Halifax.
On the reverse -
'This is the only photo of our crew with Ground Crew standing, 2nd from left
Doug Moe Mid-upper
Barry Ashbee F/E
Ray Irwin B.A.
Bill Lynn W.A.G.
Russ McKay Pilot
Gerry Pelletier…

Halifax 'X Terminator'
The nose of a Halifax with two ground crew working on a ladder.
The nose art is a cartoon of a man with a hammer, named 'X Terminator' and crossed bones indicating operations.
On the reverse 'E.G. "Ted" Lewis and ground crew member, painting on…

Lancaster 'VR-V'
A full frame vertical aerial photograph of a Lancaster flying over a heavily bombed V-1 site.
On the reverse 'KB745 VR-V 419 Sqn Middleton St Geo attacking V1 site July 1944.
Lost 5/10/44 crashed into high ground on Op to Norway'

Halifax 'KW-S'
A port side view of Halifax 'KW-S'. Trolley accumulators in the foreground and a fuel bowser in the background.
On the reverse 'MZ454 KW-S of 425 Sqn Tholthorpe Taken Nov 44.
This aircraft crashed after take off on ops 5/3/44 [sic incorrect date,…

Seven Airmen and their Halifax
Seven airmen in flying kit standing at the starboard/front of a Halifax.
On the reverse '425 Sq Halifax III Tholthorpe'.

Three Airmen
Three airmen standing outside a concrete hut. On the reverse 'Eddie Collyer 425 Sq'.

Halifax and Crew
Seven airmen standing at the nose of a Halifax 'Citie de Quebec'.
On the reverse LW412 KE-Q Citie de Quebec'.

Three Halifaxes
Three Halifaxes on the ground taken from under a fourth. It is annotated 'PL40185'.
On the reverse -
Nov 44
MZ454 KW-S in background
LL596 KW-U in foreground
425 Sqn'.

Halifax 'Bang On'
A view of the nose of a Halifax with 'Bang On' surrounded by a triangle of stars.
On the reverse 'KW-B of 425 Halifax III
425 Sqn
Feb/Mar 1944'.

Halifax and Eddie Collyer
A port side view of a Halifax with Eddie standing at the front. Under the nose are five airmen.
On the reverse 'KW-V 425 Sqdn Sept 1944 Tholthorpe Man in photo is F/E Eddie Collyer' and 'MZ538 KW-V'.

Seven Airmen on a Wing
Seven airmen, in flying kit, seated on the wing of their aircraft. On the reverse 'Ken Jenkins 425 Sq P/O Jacques Cote & Crew'.

Seven Airmen
Seven airmen in flying kit, arranged in a line under their aircraft.
On the reverse
'Tholthorpe 44/45
L to R
Bourke (N)
Self (E) Lalond (MU. G)
Alarle (Rear G)
Brassard (P)
Bernatchez (R)
Tieven (WOP)
Photo Reg [indecipherable]'

End of Tour
Three airmen at the hatch on the side of their aircraft. Two are shaking hands.
On the reverse 'F/O Jacques Cote (pilot) DFC
Rene Jutgas ? (Nav)
Sgt Ken Jenkins
Aircraft 'U' Uncle
KE Jenkins 425 Sq'.

Aircrew Transport
A group of airmen being transported to their aircraft on a lorry with a trailer.
On the reverse 'Crew 'bus' Tholthorpe Going out to aircraft for ops 1944' and 'Photo Reg [indecipherable]' and 'Tholthorpe'.

Three Halifaxes at Tholthorpe
Three Halifaxes at Tholthorpe. The front two have their engines running. A bicycle is in the foreground.
On the reverse 'Dispersal at Tholthorpe 1944'. and 'Photo Reg [indecipherable]'.
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