Cothliff, Ken. Steve Puskas


Cothliff, Ken. Steve Puskas


27 items. The collection contains a scrapbook collated by Steve Puskas DFC. The 'Self' in the captions is Steve.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Cothliff and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Cothliff, K

Collection Items

Ted and Joan Bowles' Wedding
Ted and his bride standing with his bide, bridesmaid and five crewmen.
It is captioned 'Ted & Joan's Wedding - 1944
L to R - Harry Venn, Jack Phillips, Ted Bowles, Joan B, Bridesmaid, Jas Still, Self'.

Steve Puskas and Whitley
A copy of a photograph showing Steve standing at the front of a Whitley, identified by information supplied with the collection.

Steve Puskas and Anson
An image taken from behind of an airman flying an aircraft. Information supplied with the collection states 'Steve Puskas flying an Anson'.
It is captioned 'Self - on cross-country Brantford - 1942'.

Steve Puskas DFC
A half length portrait of Steve Puskas captioned 'Self - Fall of 1944'.

A copy of a photograph showing the starboard side of a Whitley on the ground.

Halifax Nose
The nose art on Halifax 'O' for Oscar. A cartoon character is carrying two bombs, 75 operations are marked with bombs and in writing, 'Guthrie's Gut Bucket'

Target Token
A certificate awarded to F/L RK Mitchell DFC and crew. The target is identified as 'Moss Mining', date 15/16 February 1945. Mitchell's crew is named and their is a photograph of a mine being parachuted. There are silhouettes of two stylised…

Five Airmen and their Billet
Five airmen standing outside in the snow. Behind is a brick building identified as their billet. It is captioned '- In front of our billet at Leeming L to R - Brick Building
Jack, Wilf, Alvin, Self, Wilbur Ted Bowles took photo'.

RAF Leeming
A copy of a vertical aerial photograph of Leeming with an annotation 'Dispersal for "A-Able" -429'.

A vertical aerial photograph of Siracourt V-1 base. The entire image is filled with bomb craters. Above is a caption with details of the operation, aircraft taking part and bomb loads.
Under the image is a caption '2801 LMG 6.7.44//8" 13000' -->…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Gorenflos. The centre of the image is obscured by explosions.
Above is captioned with details of the operation.
The photograph is captioned '2656.LMG.25.6.44// 8" 12600 -->135° 0900…

Pilot Officer Jack Phillips
An airman inside an aircraft. It is captioned 'P/O Jack Phillips F/E Leeming - 1944 -Astrodome located above him'.

Armourers and Ground Crew
Two photographs of bombs being loaded.
In photo 1 there are nine airmen behind a trolley of bombs. It is captioned 'L to R, - Wilson, Bowles, Phillips, Williams, Sheppard, Williams, Self, Osborne, our French Canadian.'
In photo 2 are five armourers…

Dunc Ritchie
The nose glass of a Halifax being cleaned by Dunc Ritchie. He is standing on top of a fuel bowser.
Underneath is a caption explaining that inside the Halifax 'A' is an air gunner who was washed out but was desperate to fly.

Ground Crew
Five ground personnel at the tail of a Halifax, It is captioned with an explanation about what ground crew do and their names 'L to R, - H. Osborne, Watson, Sheppard, Rod Williams, Crew Chielf Fl/Sgt J. Ollivier'.
Above Ollivier's name is signed…

Five Airmen
Four airmen wearing flying kit standing in front of their aircraft and one on top of the wing. The caption reads 'Jim Campbell' and 'L to R Wilbur Wilson, Alvin Williams, Red Bowles, Wilf Faulkner'.

Jas, Self, Jack, Wilf, Ted and their Aircraft
Two images if aircrew under an aircraft 'K'.
In the first three airmen in flying kit are under the port engine. It is captioned 'L to R. Jas, Self, Jack.
In the second two airmen are under the port engine with a ladder. It is captioned 'Wilf &…

Alvin, Ted and Jack with their Halifax
Two copied images.
The first has three men sitting on a bomb trolley under the port side of a Halifax. It is captioned 'L to R - Alvin, Ted & Jack on 500lb bombs'.
The second image is an airman at the rear gun turret. It is captioned 'Alvin…

Halifax Nose Art
Halifax nose with 'Get Some In!' painted. There is an unclear cartoon cat dropping a bomb. Over 60 operations are marked.

Halifax Nose
The nose of a Halifax with 70 operations marked and a painting marked 'Upur'.

Six Airmen
Six airmen standing in front of a hut. It is captioned 'Dalton, Yorkshire - 1943 L to R - Ted, Wilbur, Jas, Self, Wilf, Alvin'.

Honeybourne '43
Two images, the top being a copy of the lower one. Six airmen standing at the front of a Whitley. It is captioned
'- Honeybourne '43
- L to R
Wilf Faulkner, Self
"Gopher" Wilson , Ted [missing]
Alvin Williams, Jas, [missing]'

Halifax MZ282
A port side view of a Halifax showing the squadron code 'AL-A' and registration 'MZ282'.

Brantford Billets
A row of huts described as 'Brantford Billets'. There is a little snow on the ground with evidence of thawing.

Brantford - 1942
An oblique view of Brantford aerodrome captioned 'No 5 SFTS Brantford -1942'. The ground is snow covered.
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