Personnel travelling in France



Personnel travelling in France


Top left in the background a line of trucks parked on the roadside under trees. In the foreground a group of airmen some sitting eating and some standing under trees.

Top right group of four airmen on a river bank or lakeside framed by trees.

Middle left an airman wearing a peaked cap sits reading at a table. Behind is the scale model of a trasnporter bridge. In the background windows with curtains.

Middle right two airmen sit eating by the rear wheels of a parked truck.

Bottom left trucks in a field. Left side is a fuel bowser and two other trucks. On the right two trucks. A man can be seen between the two groups of trucks and another at the rear of the right hand truck. In the background trees.

Bottom right inside a large tent with a row of tables. Three poles support the roof. There is a man standing on the left and another on the right.



Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage




Six b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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