Letter from John Brittain to his mother



Letter from John Brittain to his mother


Opens apologising for writing in pencil and mentions he has made a model Lancaster and that he does not know when he will get leave. Goes on to say that his skipper is in contact with a pal who is trying to wangle them onto his squadron which will not be too far in future. Goes on to discuss whether it is a good idea to tell relatives of such news in case it worries them. Recites that a crew crashed and were killed recently and their parents did not even know they were flying. Asks he advice on this.

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Sgt. Brittain J.T.
Sgts Mess
R.A.F. North Luffenham
near Oakham

Dearest Mum.

Many thanks for your letter enclosing the Air Mail and the stamps which I received yesterday. Please excuse the pencil as I am writing this in the crewroom waiting to go out to the aircraft and my pen is empty - I'll write the envelope when I come down.

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Office!! However I'll try not to touch it until I have to.

I have made a model of a Lancaster in wood and will bring it back with me when I get leave, incidently I don't know when we will get leave but will let you know as soon as I get to know myself.

We have had, from our point of view, a bit of good news - and from yours I suppose a bit of not so

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good news. - The skipper heard from a pal of his today who is on a squadron somewhere near Grimsby. He is a Squadron Leader and in charge of a flight of aircraft on the squadron. Anyway he is trying to wangle it so that we go to his squadron and also get on to his flight. It would be marvellous for us if we could do that and we are living in hopes.

I regret to say that we are not very

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far from a squadron now, only a matter of weeks in fact, and there is a question that I have wanted to ask you for some time - Would you rather have me telling you everything that goes on or would you prefer me to keep it a bit dark. I have been asking a few of the boys what they think, and they seem to be of the opinion that it is better to tell everything as, if anything should

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happen, it wouldn't be such a great shock as otherwise. Anyway let me know what you think. Now, please, don't start worrying over me. Probably, I shouldn't ask you but I, myself, think you ought to know what is going on for various reasons.

Sorry to bring such a morbid note into this screed, but I suppose you have to face these things sooner or later. The reason I ask now is that an aircraft crashed here yesterday

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and the crew were killed. Thier [sic] parents didn't even know they were flying, as the boys had told them they were on ground training for months. You can imagine what a shock it will be to them.

Well, Mum, no more time now so will close.

Don't worry and keep your Roman nose up!!!

Tons of love


[underlined] P.S [/underlined] Why should you worry when I don't?????!!??


John Taylor Brittain, “Letter from John Brittain to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 7, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9927.

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