Map and photographs of targets



Map and photographs of targets


Map (Newcastle to Prague) with five photographs overlaid with lines leading to their locations on map. Top left - a town with destroyed buildings below a wide river with a bridge. Aircraft port outer engine and wingtip visible. Captioned 'Emmerich'. Top centre a destroyed bridge across a wide river. Captioned 'Duisberg [sic] Bridge' Middle left - a town with many destroyed buildings occupying the lower part of image with open fields beyond. Captioned 'Wesel'. Bottom left - Large industrial works with destroyed buildings. Captioned Krupps works at Essen. Bottom right - town with church centre right and many destroyed buildings. Captioned 'Dortmund'. Other targets are underlined and appended with dates.

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Map with five b/w photographs


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John Taylor Brittain, “Map and photographs of targets,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 26, 2021,

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