Letter from Keith Dexter to Phyllis Dexter



Letter from Keith Dexter to Phyllis Dexter


Letter from Keith Dexter to Phyllis Dexter. He send congratulations for her birthday and apologies for only sending money as he is unable to shop because of work. He continues with news of his impending leave and about arranging to meet up and of family and friends.




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1387607 Cadet Dexter K I
‘C’ Flight No 2 Squadron.
No 1 I.T.W. RAF.
10 9/41
My dear Phyl.
Many thanks for your letter today it was damned good of you to write. I’m awfully sorry to hear you’ve been ill I do hope it was’nt [sic] anything serious. It was bad luck. Anyway I’m glad to hear you’re fit again now. Do hope you managed all right on your own – it was too bad – wish I could have lent a hand.
By the way heaps of happy returns for the 12th. I enclose a few shekels for you to get yourself
[page break]
something with – can’t possibly shop here because all the shops are shut when we finish work and in any case I hav’nt [sic] the foggiest what you would like so feel sure the shekels will perhaps come in handy.
I get a spot of leave after we finish here either week end after next or the one after that. I’ll let you know as soon as I do. I wondered if you could wangle the Saturday morning off and come down to Con’s that week-end? Do hope you can – I’ll do fares etc. and let you know details later. In the meantime could you find out trains to Haverhill on a Saturday for me? Any time after 11 am.
Had a long letter from Con. Do hope she’s all right. As you say she’s doing all the work, it is a shame.
All the best, heaps of love. Dec.
[inserted] P.S. When you see Nora do thank her for me for the great kindness to Con and us all. I’ll try and write
Dec [/inserted]



Keith Dexter, “Letter from Keith Dexter to Phyllis Dexter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9355.

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