Letter from Lilian Morgan to her sister and mother



Letter from Lilian Morgan to her sister and mother


She writes about arrangements for her wedding to Harold Gorton.




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[underlined] 1 [/underlined]
59 Roundhill Grove,
Wed. July 9th
Dear Grace & Mother,
Thank you for your letter, & for all the arrangements you’ve made. I’m enclosing stamps to the value of 6/8 to settle my shoe repair debt.
Harold had written to the Gouilon minister, but he’s written to cancel that letter, & now he has written to Isaac Griffiths, so all should be O.K.
His father & mother are coming,
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[underlined] 2. [/underlined]
as far as I know at present, & Harold has written to ask his brother to come to be best man. He suggests that they should stay at The Meadows, as they’ll be unable to travel down on the day of the wedding. They may be able to travel home after it, but I don’t know. When I know more definitely I’ll let you know at once, but I wondered if you could make some provisional arrangements for them to be put up if they decide to come. If they stay
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[underlined 3 [/underlined].
at the Meadows Harold suggests that he should stay there also. He will probably come to Bath, & come home with me when I travel next Thursday night or Friday morning. I must find out the times of trains, & let you know later.
Thanks for enquiring about the photo’s – I’ll let Harold decide, & go if he’s keen, but I don’t mind either way myself.
I’ve succeeding in [deleted] buy [/deleted] buying
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[underlined] 4. [/underlined]
a nice pair of shoes, though they were expensive, a bit. It was difficult to find a pair my size, as they only had a pair or so in each shop. They’re not making any now, of course, but I think you’ll like the ones I’ve got.
As they’re getting so fussy about the petrol we’ve decided not to go to Torquay in the car, & maybe get everyone into a bother. Instead we’ll probably go a shortish distance to the Cotswolds, or Evesham, as in
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any case we’ll only have 4 or 5 days, & it isn’t long enough to make a long journey worth while. Don’t you think that will be wisest?
Harold had 48 hours leave, (& came down here to discuss the wedding), on Saturday & Sunday last. He has finished all his exams now, & has had his flying test, so is hoping to get his wings soon.
I forgot to mention [inserted] to Harold [/inserted] that it was [deleted] Harold’s [/deleted] [inserted] his [/inserted] job to provide me & my bridesmaids (if any?) with
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flowers, & I think he doesn’t realise this, but perhaps I’ll tell him when I write next. Even so, I can’t quite see how he can arrange for me (etc.) to have some. What do you think it would be best to do about it? Could you do it & we could settle up later? (Roses!)
Can you find out the cost of an announcement in the Western Mail & Chronicle? Also the address? Could you find the rates & address from an old newspaper? Harold is keen to put an announcement in
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a few newspapers, & said he might write to you for some particulars. I’m sure I won’t have any time to do it, so I asked him to see to it, but of course he’ll have to know where to write before he can do anything about it.
He paid me £1 for the licence, so I made a profit on that, if nothing else!
I’ve just written to Cecil to tell him the date & time, but I don’t suppose he’ll be able to come.
That’s more or less all for
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the present I think, but I’ll probably be seeing you on Thursday night, & will let you know when, later.
Cheerio, with love



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