Theodor Tröll


Theodor Tröll


Theodor Tröll's account of the events at Untere Königstraße.



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Record 37


Translated from the original in German: Present is Mr Theodor Tröll, of Stifterstraße 7, and makes the following statement:
When I went through the city, on Saturday, 23 October, towards 11 o’clock, everything was full of soot and smoke. The sun was darkened by the plumes of the smouldering fires. So I came down Königstraße. Approximately opposite the cheesemongers Weber, salvage crews were in the process of opening a buried cellar exit. A woman was the first to exit from the cave, looked around herself in bewilderment, dazed and blinded by the new daylight, and then went down Königstraße to Holländische Platz. Then a small child crawled out from the underworld. It was a girl of about 6 or 8. She wore tracksuit bottoms and dirty coat, the way you prepare yourself for a raid. She looked around and shouted: “Where is my mum?” A younger woman came who had probably also been looking for missing relatives. She said to the child: “Come with me!” took her by the hand and disappeared with the little one towards Königsplatz.


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