Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father



Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father


Written at sea. Starts with some humorous banter. Mentions that the first thing he will get when they settle and but a house is a dog. Writes story of obtaining a snakeskin in Brisbane and that he will be up all night going through the strait where there are no lights on a dank weather. He mentions that the captain of the Rampura will get the sack for some unmentioned event. States that he will be in Fremantle in a week and talks about films he has seen or would like to see. He concludes talking about his son's possible future jobs and that no pets are allowed when docking in Australia.





Two page handwritten document

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Alas Strait

Dear Dennis,

I have three letters here from you I got them at Balikpapan, so am answering at once. I think your League of Nation club, will do better than they are doing at Geneva, at least you wont waste money. Its a pity you cant get a nice line in blue silk L.O.N. undies, what are the lady members to wear, they cant wear a tie. I think Mrs Canary is a bit of a nuisance with her eggs. I wonder what she would do if you put a sparrows egg with hers, I bet she would be amazed when it hatched. If we had a house of our own we could build a small aviary & have a few birds, like Mr Saloniki tell mama. I am surprised that they allow John Howlett to broadcast, he isnt very good . I wonder if you will keep your new year resolution to write to me every fortnight. You bet right on Jack Peterson didnt you. I am [underlined] not [/underlined] thinking of buying a movie camera, when you all get jobs, and mama gets a house of her own, a dog is the first thing I want to buy then I want to come home & have a holiday & take the dog out. It will be

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nice to go to the new Grammar school, maybe your sons will be at the opening ceremony. I am glad you are writing after jobs, Jack looks as if he is waiting for one to come & hit him. I have a big snakeskin here, but I dont know how to get it home. I got it in Brisbane, it had swallowed some animal & was asleep when my friend nearly stood on it. He let bang without taking aim & killed it. Ive got to be up nearly all night tonight going through this strait & I dont like going through a place where there are no lights, on a dark night. I bet the Capt of the Rampura is very unhappy just now, he will get the sack I expect. The sea is a very harsh career, if you have bad luck & bump, its finish. We ought to be in Fremantle a week today D.V. I want to see the new Chaplin picture I saw the Mutiny of [sic] the Bounty & heard Clark Gable keep telling the Capt, O.K. I wonder if you get any of the jobs you were writing after. The sooner you start the quicker you'll get on. We havnt [sic] a pet on board at all in Australia I have to sign a bond for £50 that no cats, dogs or birds are on board so we dont have them. Well Ill close now & get on with your mamas letter. Bye & best of luck in your job, Daddy.




Mr Raettig, “Letter to Dennis Raettig from his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 25, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/8275.

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