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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Western Australia--Fremantle"

View across narrow strip of water to wharf completely filled with people with buildings behind. 'Captioned 'Crowded wharf at Fremantle, December 28 1945'

View across railway tracks to wharf with single funnel liner alongside. Captioned 'Athlone Castle - Fremantle'.

View over side of ship with rail in foreground of a low lying island in the distance. Captioned 'Rott Next [sic] Island - Fremantle'.

A souvenir of the voyage and ports called with dates. There are details on the ship and a page on the history of the Royal Australian Air Force wings.

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Written at sea. Starts with some humorous banter. Mentions that the first thing he will get when they settle and but a house is a dog. Writes story of obtaining a snakeskin in Brisbane and that he will be up all night going through the strait where…


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