Interview with Piero Fiorot


Interview with Piero Fiorot


Piero Fiorot reminisces about his pre-war life in Sacile: schooling, fascist paramilitary training and indoctrination, curfews, rationing, and doing business in a tightly controlled, closed economic system. Contrasts the relatively tranquil life during the first stage of the war with the chaos following the fall of the Fascist regime and the brutality of the subsequent German occupation. Recounts wartime anecdotes such as dropping of propaganda flyers, clandestine listening of British broadcasts, evacuee’s life, German mop ups and killings, anti-aircraft fire, and damage caused by jettisoned bombs. Describes the tense atmosphere inside a shelter with people weeping and praying, and contrasts it with his care-free attitude. Stresses the strategic importance of the city, owing to its railway station and the nearby railway bridges. Describes the 1944 Sacile bombings and provides details on the 5 November 1944 attack in which a bomb nearly hit the private shelter of the Balliana family and many children lost their lives. Reminisces about the funeral and the sight of his schoolmates in white coffins. Speaks critically of the Resistance accused to provoke avoidable reprisal and mentions some victims of German brutality such as Raimondo Lacchin and Marco Meneghini. Describes Pippo dropping supplies and small antipersonnel mines, stressing how children were easily maimed until they were told not to pick them up. Mentions his friendly relationship with Heinrich and Peter Paul, two Luftwaffe pilots based at the nearby Aviano airfield who supported him in many circumstances; describes a fortuitous reunion with the latter. Provides details on the early post-war years and elaborates on the legitimacy of bombing. Recounts how British forces were generally hated and stresses the difficulty to reconcile the bombings with the idea of being liberated.



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