Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey reports that his crew turned back with an un-serviceable aircraft from operation to Berlin but that he was subsequently involved in a ferocious attack on Berlin with four hundred planes bombing inside 15 minutes. On their return they flew over Sweden and were fired at. He is looking forward to leave in ten days time. He mentions that they have a new squadron commander who is keen on physical training. Concludes with mention that there was an operation to Mannheim the night before.




Five page handwritten letter


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R.A.F. Ludford Magna
Market Rasen.


Dear Unk Others etc.
The usual thanks are extended for the packet of mail I have just received. I note with pleasure that Sam has broken out again, although by the number of times he refers to my propensity for playing cards, I should imagine he is not having his usual luck and is angling for a few hints in case he ever has to play without his marked pack. Even Mr. Harbour managed to borrow a pen and dictionary and compose an epistle. My dear friend Mr. Hunt also sent something that I have been giving consideration to but I am afraid it will have to go to the Cypher

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Officer before it is intelligible. The only the part I can make out says “I think” so knowing Mr. Hunt it must be a forgery.

Things have not gone with the flowing ease usually found in my progects [sic]. (I hope to Christ that is spelled right or I will never hear the end). We started out for Berlin the other night but had to return before we hit the enemy coast as the kite went U/S. The number of boys that got the chopper that night has led us to think that it wasn’t a bad idea at that: we have often thought we were wearing out our welcome that side of the world but it has now become a certainty.

However since starting the rough draft of this epistle to the Philistines we have paid a visit to the Big City. It was the most ferocious attack I have been mixed up in. Nearly four hundred heavies bombed inside fifteen minutes and the place was

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[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

going like a torch when we turned away. It has fulfilled one of my big ambitions at last. The other one is the same show on Rome. All I hope is that the Italians keep going until I manage a trip there. On the way back we came over Sweden and they started pooping off at us. Its [sic]coming to a sorry pass when bloody neutrals start firing on men about their lawful business. It was a good job we had left all our bombs on the target or someone would have had a suprise. [sic]

We should start our leave in about ten days time [sic] – if the chopper doesn’t swing too close one of these nights. I broached the subject of the boys coming to London but I don’t think it can be managed this time. You must realise that while on a squadron we only get an opportunity to get drunk when we know we have at least forty-eight hours before we fly

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again as beer does go with flying in dangerous places. In fact, from what the rest of the crew are saying, the only way to get them altogether will be in a really big can. You will however be seeing me and think of the pleasure that will bring into your drab lives.

We have a new squadron commander who has been in charge of a girls [sic] school before coming here I think. Anyway he has got two wars on his hands now, one with Jerry and a bigger and better one with the aircrews. He wants us – us mind you - to do P.T. every morning of the week, wants to kill us I suppose. So far he has had a remarkable lack of success as we have bribed the P.T.I’s to leave us alone. Still I suppose a show-down is inevitable and we shall all finish up in durance vile, well it will be a bit quieter at any rate and they don’t shoot at you.

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There before you, you have my last and most recent doings. The N.F.S. girls in the nearest town have had a week singularly free from molestation at the hands of our gallant airmen. This has caused a bit of sorrow on the camp – and among the N.F.S., but arrangements are now in hand to see that the usual programme is carried out in future.

I was on Mannheim last night so write your own letters I’m going to bed.




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