Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey commences his letter reporting that there had been a lull in operations and several visits to town as a result. Authorities had instituted physical education but crews were resisting. Letter is concluded later after a bombing operation to Hanover where they were driven off course and attacked by the Germans over Rotterdam.




Five page handwritten letter


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R.A.F. Ludford Magna
Market Rasen
[underlined] Sunday. [underlined]

Dear Unk etc.
I can stand any amount of the libel and slander that is usually contained in the scurrilous communications addressed to me from my so-called friends but, this ignoring of my best efforts in the matter of reciprocal correspondence is going just a shade too far. If you have broken your nib for Pete’s sake let your hair down and lash out and buy another. Damn the expense at a moment like this. History is being made and I am trying to write a true record of myself doing it, but must have the co-operation that you can

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[underlined] 2. [/underlined]

read in the foregoing – if you can read.

For quite a while now I have withdrawn my shoulder from the wheel and the war-chariot has, in consequence, stopped rolling. When I shall once more proceed to flay the Hun is problematical, but if it depended on me you could take your blackout down tomorrow for at least six months. This lull the carnage is right up my alley and if they can only keep it up until Uncle Joe reaches the channel ports it will do for the brave boys who have been taking the time out.

The nearest town has been having its full share of visitors in the last few days and local vice haunts have had a boom period. The boys have really got going on the road to ruin and if the money doesn’t run out first it is a dead cert that the

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[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

striking force of the squadron will be unfit to fly until the New Year. The only crime that has not been committed is rape and then only because the N.F.S. girls get them down faster than the intending gentlemen. As a matter of interest the only reason you are getting this letter is because the pubs are sold out.

As a corrective we were ordered for P.T. at 7.30 every morning but so far nobody has had the health and strength to get out of bed before eight. They can hardly stick us all on the hooks so there it is, at present, stalemate, while we are awaiting in trepidation the old mans [sic] next move. I am glad that it is impossible for me to fill this letter with accounts of recent flights over Germany but if they get me doing exercises [smudged] at [/smudged]

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[underlined] 4. [/underlined]
some unearthly hour in the mornings I’ll fill the letter with tales of sufferings that will be guara [inserted] n [/inserted] teed to make even your heart bleed.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hunt in anticipation of what he will let me have when I make my long awaited visit to see some of the war workers of Britain. Mr. Hunt will of course realise that he is not included in this category now that the overtime has ceased. Being naturally cautious I am rather apprehensive about Bro. G’s long silence and hope he is not engaged in the composition of one of his devastating notes.

I am afraid that the date at the heading is slightly out as this is being finished on my return from Hanover. It was a poor show all round and we

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were driven off course on the way back and finished up over Rotterdam all alone where the Hun gave us everything he had except flowers. However we are back, safe but shaken so I’ll give this letter up.

Remember me to all.

P.S. Two nickels enclosed. One for the old man.



Peter Lamprey, “Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6542.

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