Why die for Stalin? Why die for the Jews?



Why die for Stalin? Why die for the Jews?


Propaganda leaflet by British fascist John Amery aimed at the British population and arguing that the sacrifices of the Allies have served only the interests of 'Stalin and the Jews'.


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By John Amery

We started the war for Danzig. We have surrendered Poland to Russia.

We started the war to maintain the balance of power in Europe. We have handed over Europe to Stalin, lock, stock and barrel.

We started the war against Nazi Oppression. We have handed the whole of Europe over to Communist oppression.

We started the war to make the world safe for Democracy, and, to achieve that, we allied ourselves to a country where from Brest-Litovsk to Vladivostock nobody has ever heard of such a thing.

We signed an Atlantic Charter to guarantee the small nations of Europe. We have handed over Finland, Rumania [sic], Bulgaria, Esthonia [sic], Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to Stalin and to Communism.

We started a war invoking the blessing of the Almighty on the justice of our cause and we allied ourselves to the atheist Russians [sic] murderers of over a million priests, against Germany where the State subsidises religion, against Catholic Italy, Catholic Hungary, Catholic Rumania [sic], Orthodox Bulgaria, and Protestant Finland, to say nothing of little Slovakia whose president is a Catholic Bishop.

Is it the dream of a madman? Not one of the reasons for war invoked is true, or holds good, 5 years later.

No! It is for Stalin and for Jewry that our boys are dying on the Guarigliano, in the swamps of Burma, on the Seven Seas and here in our England.

It is for Stalin and the Jews that we, who had everything, have lost valuable parts of our Empire, our interests abroad, our gold reserves.

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It is for Stalin and the Jews that you queue up to get something to eat, when there can be an abundance of everything.

It is for Stalin and the Jews that you no longer get a living salary when before you were relatively well paid, and articles of prime necessity could be found on the market.

It is thanks to Stalin and the Jews that your newspapers are censored, that Habeas Corpus does not exist any more, that you can’t write an uncensored letter to the press or get up on a soap box in Hyde Park and vent your feelings.

It is because of Stalin and the Jews that you cannot have a suit with more than so many pockets without going to the black market.

It is by order of Stalin and the Jews that the exchanged prisoners from Germany in November were never allowed to write or discuss their impressions of war-time Germany or say how they had been treated over there.

It is by order of Stalin and the Jews that whole populations have been forcibly evacuated from the South Coast…it is by order of Stalin and the Jews that the best blood of our country goes forward to the inevitable massacre of a second front…with an AMERICAN commander-in-chief.

It is thanks to Stalin and the Jews that we have betrayed Finland.

It is thanks to Stalin and the Jews that we have lost Hong-Kong [sic], Singapore, the Straits Settlements, Burma and the rest, to the Japanese who USED TO BE OUR ALLIES.

It is thanks to Stalin and the Jews that thousands of our fellow countrymen here have languished in the jails of the Isle of Man, and even if Mr Morrison does not admit it, the impartial Red Cross of Geneva has given the figure at 152,674.

Is that worth fighting for against Hitler?

Hitler has said in his book “Mein Kampf” that he had no quarrel with England.

Hitler ordered his troops on the Siegfried Line to put up banners “We won’t fire first”.

Hitler offered us Peace after the collapse of France on the basis of the status quo ante.

Hitler has declared a thousand times that National Socialism is not for export.

[Bold text] Why die for Stalin and the Jews – there are better things to [italicised] live [/italicised] for! [/Bold text]

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[underlined] John Amery [/underlined]


John Amery, “Why die for Stalin? Why die for the Jews?,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6133.

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