Cavalier, Reginald George. Album two


Cavalier, Reginald George. Album two


35 items. The album contains service material, Christmas cards, and propaganda leaflets in German, French and English.




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Cavalier, RG

Collection Items

Christmas card
A card signed by Keith, Canadian Dental Corps Overseas.

Christmas Card
A card signed 'Keith' Canadian Dental Corps (Overseas)

Blank leave pass
RAF Form 295, blank

RAF Day Pass
A pass allowing Reginald George Cavalier to travel to London from RAF Hartford Bridge

RAF photography permit
A permit allowing Reginald George Cavalier to take photographs at West Raynham and its satellites in his capacity of 'official station propaganda photographer'.

Thanksgiving for Victory
Order of Service - hymns, psalms and blessings.

Victory in Europe card
A card signed by Air Marshal Arthur Coningham, thanking the friends and relatives of the Second Tactical Air Force for sustaining them in their part in the victory in Europe.

Christmas Card to Reginald Cavalier
Christmas card to Reginald Cavalier from his parents signed 'From Mum & Dad with the best of luck.'

Christmas Card
2nd Tactical Air Force Christmas card with seven signatures. Captioned '137. Wing. Photographic S.H.Q. Vitry en Artois.'

Artwork inside card depicting Allied advance in western europe from D Day.

Christmas Card
Christmas card with a photograph of Mosquito, TA118 on the front. Captioned '140 Wing RAF Gutersloh BAFO BAOR December 1945.' It is signed 'Phyll and Jim' and has a handwritten comment 'How do you like my [pal?] on nose of A/C?'.

Christmas Card
Christmas card from RAF Hartford Bridge with an image of a Boston on the front.

Shooting practice recording log.

Belgian railway ticket
3rd class railway ticket valid for two weeks. Issued in Gent.

Waiting in Vain
German propaganda leaflet directed at American soldiers. How many of their wives and sweethearts will be waiting in vain for them to return?

Wer hat gesagt...
Propaganda leaflet aimed at German population asking who said Germany would never be bombed. On the reverse are several images of Goering and the names of six cities already bombed.
'Wer hat gesagt –
“Vor allem werde ich
Dafur sorgen, dass der…

All aboard - Outward Bound
German propaganda leaflet aimed at Americans fighting in Europe.

How many new graveyards wait for you behind the Atlantic Wall?
German propaganda leaflet directed at American forces in which a soldier questions in a letter home the reason why he is expected to die.

Wir Schlagen Zuruck! (We are hitting back!)
Propaganda leaflet aimed at the German-speaking population. The leaflet explains Churchill's intention of striking back with RAF bombing attacks on strategic targets in retaliation for Germany's indiscriminate attacks on 11 countries.

Why die for Stalin? Why die for the Jews?
Propaganda leaflet by British fascist John Amery aimed at the British population and arguing that the sacrifices of the Allies have served only the interests of 'Stalin and the Jews'.

Propaganda leaflet imitating cover of Life magazine aimed at American population opposing the use of bombing campaigns, using excerpts from articles from English language newspapers.

Au pays qui nous a donné "La Liberté"  ... nous rendrons la liberté
Message from America to the French people announcing they are allies once again; America is at war with Germany, Italy and Japan. As in 1917, this has allowed preparation time. France urged to stay strong and praised for its resistance.

Dieser Gegner, Russland, ist bereits gebrochen und wird sich nie mehr erheben (This opponent, Russia, is already broken and will never rise again)
Propaganda leaflet aimed at German-speaking population.
Side 1 places Hitler's claim in 1941 that Russia was already destroyed alongside his 1942 announcement that the German army in the east needed reinforcement. Below is a description by…

Fuhrer Worte! (Leaders' words)
Propaganda leaflet aimed at the German-speaking population.
On one side, this leaflet repeats promises from Nazi leaders about Germany's clear air superiority. On the reverse are quotations from Allied leaders about the justice that Germans can…

Freiwillige vor für die U-boot-waffe!
Propaganda leaflet aimed at German-speaking population.
This document mimics recruitment material seeking volunteers for the U-Boat service. It is in interactive form and shows a seaman dropping into a watery grave. It quotes the average life…

Aus der letzten April-Woche 1942 (From the last week in April 1942)
In last week of April 1942, Luftwaffe and RAF bombing are compared as well as Hitler’s announcement now and from 1941. Contrasting statements from American (R F Watt) and German (Sauckel) on availability of workers.

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